Orange You Glad You're Gold?

I am golden
but for this week
I am dolled in Owenge . . .
to execute my drool-defying challenges!

Ma toys. Ma drool kerchief. Ma book.
Now if somebody black sees ma toys . . .

Ooopsy. And there it goes, Ashley. Popsy hates it.

One of my loverly books.
It pops-up and expresses thank-you a lot
something which I often forget to do.
So to all my drooly fans 'thank you'
for all your greetings and whatnots.

. . . and here are my 'thanky' words for all of you:
. . . and mostly for Lisa and Kitty at:

This is from Keeper's mask project.
When the bell or telephone rings
the mad Keeper flies
together with the doodads
on her creatives.

However, when the thingy flies to your nose-y
you hold your breath
and try hard not to bite it
and look on the bright side.
A good dog does not jump and bite
at anything that Keeper is working on.

Well, I did say try.
Most times I fail.

Yeah. I do too, Ashley.
The bright one is actually the dark one.
My Popsy is black, bright, and wise.
When things go woofy blah
I run to my father.
A good dog loves his family.

And here are the doggy wisdom from the BrightOne:

1. For Chantrice who wants to know what to do with pesky fleas:
SuperdogAdvice: Mix one part water and one part vinegar
and spray on yer doggy and whatnot. It also makes their furs shiny.
Oh forget the woofy smell, C!
Obviously, fleas hate smelly dogs so the vinegar works.
Caution: do not spray on dogs with wounds.

2. For all drooly fans who requested for PeaceGlobes:
Its free. I drooly made it out of love.
Just blog and bark it out on Nov4
and link to Mimi.

3. From Taylor: "Whats your Favorite color, Sweepy?"
My favorite is blue-green but it does not look good on me.
Gold/yellow and red does so I wear that a lot.
But its not my favorite.
So you see you do not have to wear your favorites
all the drooly time.

And that ends my drooly Q&A.

Now when you're done with all that orange
you splash it out and voila!
Woof! Amy will adore this!
You see I am the Top winner here
but we can not have a dog win over the hoomans
all the drooly time, can we Amy?

And so here I sit
in my silvery kingdom
watching Heaven
and the drooly skies

going under . . .

and over and Zzzzzzz . . .


  1. Dear Pups,

    This is a wonderful dog blog, and so creative, too!
    I will be back. I love the picture with the paws reading the book best. Keep up the good work!


  2. Sweepy, you're definitely the best!!
    Kitty thanks you (she was in a fight this week, but she is healing and will be fine), and I thank you for always being such a wonderful bright spot at The Creative Exchange.


  3. You deserve a nice nap after this wonderful post. Sweepy!

  4. what fun!

    thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!
    love all of them.
    great composition!

    have a great day!

  5. Sweepy!

    What wonderful colours!
    I'm sorry I have been absent for so long! Hopefully, you will forgive me.

    Grand Bisous!

  6. Oh Sweepy, you are a prince(ss) among puppers! You'll like my P64 entry this week. The topic was "Gold"! Thanks for the advice. I'll be sure to pass it along to Tanner.


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