I'm Woofy Back . . .

. . . with a lion on my back!
Meet Lion-el.

He's not mine.
He is TheOtherKeeperLuchie's foot pad.
He loves to sit in our rocking chair
because . . .

He rocks!
Purrfect for ColorSplashSunday!
Oh, Amy would love this!

Now this is Keeper's foot pad.
It is faded, smelly but purrfect for Ashley's STARS!

My round self.

Two Round Hounds:
My Popsy and I are banding together.
Some hoomans are lighting firecrackers
so Popsy and I run to hide together.
Whats with this people anyway!

This keeps flies away from my butt,
my face, my tail, and my tumtum.
Now I wonder how I can keep the smoke
away from my eyes and nose?

Well it is not exactly strange
and not in a strange place either
but when Keeper tell visitors
to say hello to our trees
the visitors jump and run away in fright!
Whats with these people anyway?

I love it when Popsy and I are together
because I can paint and Popsy can drool at my artworks. . .

This is one of my masterpieces, Ashley.
It is titled Untitled.
I see a lot of artists in Keeper's exhibit do that
especially when they do not understand
what they painted.

And this one is for Lisa
for her creative exchange:

It is Untitled also.
It is not about anything extraordinary
because it is simply made of spills.
But when Keeper saw it
she loved it like mad!
People are really really strange.

My Untitled masterpieces are called Sweepy's Droolings.
Keeper should exhibit them someday.

And now look at this:
It is the stem of the moringa plant
after Keeper took all the leaves
to chew and eat fresh.
Now Keeper said she will make
Halloween dolls out of the stalks.
Oh, the kids down RainbowAve
will go wild and scared again
once they see Keeper's dolls!

. . . and now the moon is waning
and soon it will be a new year
for those celebrating Halloween.

For us, as soon as November comes in,
our Christmas decorations goes up!
We start early to usher in good cheers.
It is less than 70 days to Christmas
and soon this SuperSantaDog
will bring drooly cheers to you.

hug and enjoy your family,
hug and love your hoomans,
but most of all
hug your drooly self!


  1. That is one nice lion pillow. I love it : )

  2. Oh Sweepy - I didn't know you were such the artist!

  3. I love your Untitled masterpieces my furry friend!
    Thank you for sharing at The Creative Exchange, but most of all for making my Mondays so bright!

  4. Two round hounds! :)
    I didn't know of your artistic talent, Sweepy. I love your untitled pieces.
    Beautiful words in Lui's blog.

  5. You're right, Sweepy! That pillow on the chair is perfect for selective coloring. ;)


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