Busy, Be Seen, Beesy October!

Heaven after the Storm.

And now this is

And now it is not:

And now there is a
BLACK in the space.
Nya nya nya.

Another Not A Blank Space:
And that ends anything blank, black in ANY space.
Now, moving on . . .

Complementary Color
aka I Am Color Blind
(not really)
This thing reminds me of my fave sked:
Eattime, Sleeptime, Playtime,
NapTime (nap is shorter than sleep),
SnackTime ( in between Eattimes)

Now it reminds me
it is time for Lunch
purrfect for Ashley's prompt:
And this is how Keeper prepares my meal
why nobody can not contact Keeper
before, during, after my Eat-time.
It takes Keeper HOURS to do our meals
so Keeper turns the phone off.
Nya nya nya.

Now Ashley wants
Black and White:
Tadah! My black father.
He is now 11 yo so he has white hairs.
Keeper said I should expect white hairs soon
because I am turning 10 next year.
That would make me perfect for sepia shots.
Nya nya nya.

This week we celebrated
Elderly Week.

Old Dogs:

Old People:
The other keepers Luchie and Loyd
join other senior hoomans
on a happy stroll down RainbowAve
after their music rehearsal.

Old Dogs + Old Person = Old Love
Remember, you are not old.
You are just Older.

This week we also celebrated Animal Day.
And one of Keeper's workshop students made me this:
6-year-old Trixie made it out of old boards
and decorated out of love.
Purrfect for Lisa's CreativeExchange!
Thanks drooly, Trix!

Piappies said it is also Happy Smiles day:
I am the King of my parallel universe, Lisa.

Keeper said October is also
Museums and Galleries month
so it is purrfect to drool there.
But no leaving ANY mark, furries!

So what are old animals doing in October?
Dancing. What else?
The storms have passed.
We did not get flooded.
Keeper donated all our food.
And now she tells us
that maybe we should diet
and become drooly biggest losers.
But I refuse to become a loser.
And I refuse to Not Eat.
So maybe me and my Popsy will just join
Dancing with the Stars.

Keeper who can eat a ton and not look it
has a boa constrictor in her tumtum
that eats all the food that she eats
and which makes her hyper.
There is a celebration for Keeper too:
Happy World Teachers Day, Keeper!
Keeper goes to her workshops
wearing an apron that she designed
to stash her stuff and keep her hands free.
Hurry home, Keeper!

October is a month of many celebrations:
For the animals, the elderly,
for museums & galleries, for teachers and keepers
and for drooly dogs who only blogs once a week.


  1. Love the next to last shot - probably could have done without the poop scene Sweepy.

  2. Ooopsy Ashley!
    Ok edited it out, asap!

  3. Fantastic work for the Creative Exchange!! love those doggies!

  4. Great shots. Looks like your Keeper has you and Sumo on a pretty healthy diet. Your crown is well-deserved, Sweepy.
    Please tell Lui that her orchid is beautiful!

  5. What a lucky fella you are Sweepy to have a Keeper who cooks all of that wonderful food for you! I just love your crown this week!! :-)

    Thank you for sharing at The Creative Exchange this week.

    Have a wonderful day!


  6. Love the crown, Sweepy! You look like a real prince.

  7. This was a wonderful post Sweepy - we feel like we actually visited you and your family!



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