Happy Woofy New Year!

Hullo, peeps!
I am The Sweepy wannabe.

De Sweepy is asleep:

But de Superdog asked me to present to you
some supersomethingstuff . . .

I am always in Sweepy's life. woof!

I am also in Sumo's life.
There is no point in doing Sumo's photo in B&W
because he is black and white
any way you put it
but if you insist:

When the sun sets on Sumo's black furs
the sun's rays look like tattoos!
Keeper said the sun is setting on Sumo
whatever that means.
Now I wonder why Keeper is crying?

Woof! King Kong is Fat Choi!
De Sweepy's 12 drooly toys!

Hey, its Kong Hei Fat Choi!
It means have a prosperous something.
It is the Chinese Lunar New Year!
Now contrary to what the Chinese believe
my toys signify the twelve animals
represented in the Chinese calendar
and they all went to tell me their story!

Well, they drooly barked, woofed, oinked and protested
that some of them were not included in the Chinese calendar!
So now I am officially gathering the animal signs
so the people would know their drooly fate
based on animals like me!

Bear (fat and lazy)
Giraffe (tall and goofy)
Horse (handsome and stubborn)
Elephant (huge and slow)
Deer (fast and noisy)
Kangaroo (jumpy and silly)
Lion (loud and bratty)
Hippo (heavy and useless)
Monkey (shifty and smarty)
Camel (slow but sure)
Zebra (stripey and dizzy)
Rhino (big and clueless)

As you see, there is no Dog.
I myself was born in the Year of the Horse.
That makes me a Horse Dog.
Obviously, my father Sumo is a Lion.
Keeper said Sumo is a Rabbit but hello!

Rabbit Sumo
Show me a rabbit that looks woofy like my father!!

Now Keeper has no sign
because she is signless.
Some hoomans are like that.
They display all of the characteristics of the sign
which makes them pfffft NADA!

Now where was I?

Now these are the things I need to counter
whatever it is that brings bad luck to this year!
Anything RED and Round.
Multi-purpose stuff like a brush
that combs and massages!
Something old, something new and blue:
my old toothbrush which I hardly use
which makes it NEW!

Keeper said the best luck charm for this year is:
And TheOtherKeeper Luchie is one.
Woof! I never knew Luchie is a chicken?
But y'see, a Rooster is never on my list!
And since I eat chicken I am woofy lucky!

Keeper said it is the Year of the Dragon
. . . and the only way to beat anything
breathing down your neck
is to bark fire at that thing
and tell him that he is never in your list!
Therefore, this is not his year
or anytime or anyplace!

As for all the wannabes in my life . . .
. . . art imitates life.
Now when life imitates art
you get anything and everything drooly off.

I wish you prosperity of mind
happiness in pursuit of your desires
and respect for all drooly creatures
whether they are animals or people.

Always celebrate your woofy uniqueness!


  1. Lovely pictures. My favourite is De Sweepy is asleep: Really great picture.


  2. Great set of photos as usual!
    Especially like the Black and White and Sweepy Asleep.

  3. Fun post .... love that sleeping sweep pic.

  4. Have to agree with Molly here. De Sweepy is asleep is just fantastic!!
    You are such a photogenic big boy, and you always make me smile.
    Thank you for being a most wonderful part of the Creative Exchange this week, and please watch over Popsy.

    lisa. xo

  5. I love these; made me smile!

  6. Ah, Sweepy! Thanks for educating me on your version of the Chinese zodiac animals.
    Hugs to you and dear Sumo!

  7. Ah, Sweepy! Thanks for educating me on your version of the Chinese zodiac animals.
    Hugs to you and dear Sumo!

  8. Loving the scavenger hunt photos! It looks like you are ready to take on whatever the New Year brings your way :D


  9. So fun and interesting...Love that pattern tattoos. Gong Xi Fa Chai, Xin Nian Kuai Le !!

  10. Swoopy,
    You are so photogenic! And your toys are so cute!

  11. Sumo looks very comfy and is so lucky to have such a wonderful partner in life.... you are such a great dog mommy lUi! How is sumo doing?


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