The Black Week

January 15 is the bday
of my FATher, Popsy Sumo
and my late brother Bogart.

And as much as I want attention
to focus on Myself
I am sharing this week
with my BLACK family . . .

If Bogart is alive today
he would turn 11yo and
he will be searching for flowers . . .
. . . like he drooly does and posting at TodaysFlowers.

So to celebrate Bogart's love for flowers
I am searching one for him:
This Hoya flower came from the same Hoya on Bogart's right!
And when I look for flowers
somebody is bound to follow me:
Popsy who is not into flowers.
Popsy gets irritated with their singing
but he has no choice but be where I am!

And now I go to Ashley for her:

Winter Wonderland
Well we don't really have winter
but we have a woofy editing dog (er hullo, me?)
and if Ashley wants winter, autumn
and whatever drooly weather
I can drooly make one!

And this is what happens when it rains.
I waited for the water to freeze
to make my background for winter
but it does not drooly happen.

But this is another Frozen, Ashley:
Keeper calls it frozen delights
which she eats temptingly in front of me
because she knew I can't have chocolates and nuts!
But I can drooly have this:

. . . yum, nom, nom! Warm bun with mongo paste!

And this is where I hide
when people around me
gets too loud and noisy.
And when I do that
somebody is bound to follow me:

There are no places I can go to
without my black father following me around . . .
. . . and in his blog, he woofy barks out
that I follow him around!

Stacked Up
And these are the holiday cards I received.
Keeper pastes them on neon paper
where visitors drool over them in delight
because they never woofy get cards anytime!

Now this reminds me
that I received more holiday cards this week!
. . . thank you Addie, Lucie, Hailey, River the beagle,
and the Happy Hounds!!!

I lost count of all the cards and greetings I got!
And which I posted HERE:
and I looooove every drooly bit
which reminds me
that no distance
no breed
no drooly color
can ever separate us furries!
I love you all drooly!

And for Lisa at:
The family who eat together
stay together . . .

The family who sleep together
snore together

And in the drooly end
nobody loves you drooly
like your own family . . .
Happy 12th Birthday, Popsy!

. . . and
Happy whatever and wherever you are, Bogart!
You will never grow old in your new heaven
and may your rainbows and bridges
reconnect you to us
until we meet again!


  1. That frozen delight looks very yummy! :)

  2. Very cute post and pictures. I like the "hole" pictures a lot.

  3. Your pups in their hats and scarves is so cute.

  4. Happy birthday to your Pops and I am really sorry about your brother! That ice cream looks delicious, YUM! And, wasn't all that card exchange FUN! We enjoyed it too!

  5. I love those frozen cones! Used to eat them all the time as a kid!

  6. Happy Birthday dear Sumo!!!! :) ^^)
    We have sent you a mail.. :))))
    I'll go and have a look on your blog again Sumo, right after.. :))

    And thanks for your lovely post Sweepy! And you and Sumo are so handsome!! Here you have many beautiful pictures, we've enjoyed each bit of it! So cool you 2 are with the winter hat and scarf!! :D The ice and the bun - I'm sure it tastes good, so delightful!
    And wow- you've got so many beautiful cards, and so nice that Lui has pasted them on neon paper!:)

    Let Bogart in to my birthday cards I sent today, too! I'm sure he watch the whole from the Heaven! Warm thoughts to Bogart from Pusa ^^) and Viola :)

    and drooly kisses to you and Sumo and Lui from us 2! ^^) :)

  7. Hello again,

    I just have to tell you I now see your lovely mumsy Pica in the sidebar, so wonderful she is! And you have the same color as her Sweepy! :)
    I must also say I now have seen more in Sumo's blog and even Bogart's! Of course you miss Bogart.. I surely understand..

    All our best yo you, ever,
    Pusa ^^) and Viola :)

  8. this was delightful!Enjoyed following all that woofy joy! Loove the winter shot with hats and scarves!!!!

  9. Your frozen looks delicious!!! And your doggies are very cute! Love 'hole'.

  10. Those sweet treats look delicious! YUM!

  11. Happy 12th Birthday, Popsy! I send my love to you and to Bogart to to your loving Keeper who takes care of you, to all the beautiful Hounds in Heaven. This is a wonderful post which I have enjoyed very much.

  12. Yes, that frozen delight looks very yummy!

  13. Happy bday too, Popsy and bigB. And hey Sweepy, I am having an eyeball with other dog blogger Mums on the 28th at BHS! FYI!

  14. They are all sooo cute. How many of them altogether? I have 3. Mother and son and a spoil brat.

    And Dear Sweepy, how thoughtful you were to find such a beautiful flower for Bogart.
    You make my heart smile.

    Thank you for being a part of the Creative Exchange today

    Sending you hugs.

    lisa. xo

  16. Nice shots, and your pups are very cute!

  17. Happy Birthday Popsy and Bogart too! Flowers, treats and lots of love :D

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  18. I especially love the first shot! You two are so good looking!
    Thanks Sweepy for your comment at CE :)

  19. We put the xmas cards together in a special place for everyone to see. Cards are so rare these days and that makes them very special. Happy b-day Popsy. The flower for Bogart is very nice.

    love & wags,

  20. I hope you helped Sumo have a happy birthday, Sweepy! Your pictures are wonderful!


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