February Fest!

And I'm so woofy out.

But now I'm IN:
It is hard to be 'in' with the times
when the time is so woofy out.
Or something whatever.

February is called the Fever month.
Everybody in Keeper's family is celebrating
from birthdays: Keeper's, her brother, her niece
including birthdays of Keeper's departed loved ones (her Dad & Uncle)
to death anniversaries (Keeper's Grandma and wham projects) . . .
In the country where I live
February is also called the month of crazies
simply because the month only has 28 days!
Now I wonder who is crazier:
the one who designed a 30 days a month calendar
or the one who created months and years to begin with?

Now I think I better do my SHS challenge
before the crazy whatever
catch up with this woofy dog:

. . . is a kiss on a drooly day . . .
and being with your hooman
even on a crazy month:

"Retirement" is trending somewhere drooly.
Being a senior dog means I am retired.
But what is woofy retired?
Why should I continually be tired?
When humans decide to take it easy
they should be 'relaxed' not re-tired.
Just drooly musing . . .
(Note: Keeper is musing on an art project for seniors)

I prefer my plastic bowl
instead of the metal one
because this yellow heart bowl
is anti-bloat, anti-hunger,
has drooly cool shape and color,
it is not metallic cold to my tongue,
and I can play with it
by tossing it around!

As you woofy know (or maybe don't)
that this SuperDog is super arty
and makes all sorts of trash,
er, make that 'art out of trash.'

And here's how it is done:
Or, should I say
how it is undone.
Well, OK, let me teach you a trick in filmmaking.
you run the course reverse
that way it looks like you were doing something
instead of re-doing something.
Keeper, 'somebody' ate the paper project for the kids!

Yes, I have a duplidog.
He follows me around.
He gets all the blame
when things go wrong . . .
. . . and when the place gets too woofy lonely
you get somebody who always agree with you.

Indeed, love is a mush, Viola and Pusa!

And lookit, Lisa!

I am not a prisoner
of this drooly thing called life . . .

. . . because freedom for some
means never having a decent meal
a loving home, a daily hug,
a regular bath and grooming
except this Superdog
who will bark out their plight
and possibly feed them something . . .

On this month of Heart
please feed hungry stray animals
and if it is drooly possible
give them a hug and a home . . .

May you all have a merrily woofy Feb!


  1. It seems to me that you amuse your human a lot ! lol !

  2. Hey Sweepy
    I didn't see your link on the Scavenger Hunt page. Did Keeper forget to link?
    I love all your photos. My favorites this time are the ones for Duplicate. You have such a beautiful, sleek back!
    I did not post for Scavenger Hunt this week, but I have some flower photos you can sniff and woof at.
    Best Wishes,
    Lea's Menagerie

  3. Love your photos Sweepy! You are a very handsome boy!!

  4. Sweepy,

    Everything here is SO creative, but what I liked best today was the paper project and how you said to look at it in reverse to get the idea of how to put it together. Great thinking!

    Thanks for comin' by and checking out my pics! I hope you come again soon,

  5. Love you pictures, and that super cute dog is adorable!!

  6. Love you paper project and yous duplicate shots. Sweepy, you're quite a cutie.

  7. A home and a hug is every dog's dream. Good choice on the plastic bowl and nice color too.

  8. You little Sweetie!!
    Love your musings on retirement.
    Only one as wonderful as you, could think of that!
    As always, I thank you for the smiles!

    Thank you so much for sharing with us today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful day!

    lisa. xo

  9. These are so so much fun...and so was your sweet comment! So glad you stopped by for a visit.

  10. Great set Sweepy - love your paper stuff.

  11. LOL! Duplidog - love it!
    Sweepy, I never noticed your little white tail tip before. So sweet.

  12. what fun visiting your blog... it's nice to see people find the humor in daily events.

  13. Love the picture of him with his paws up as he watches the world go by.


  14. Oh Sweepy, you always remind me that I need to take more pictures of Tanner! And yes, never pass up an opportunity to give a furry-four-legged friend a hug...and home if possible!

  15. I have one of those doggies that follow me around, do bad stuff & then blames it on me!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  16. Beautiful post and photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  17. Oh hello dear Sweepy, so nice to read about what you are doing.. seeing your beautiful pictures.. I just love it! And so fun to see your dupli dog.. :) I enjoyed to see you an Keeper, and such a fun picture where you're sitting in each your chair # 5!! Ha ha!!

    Can you maybe build a mouse to me (paper mouse) that I can redo.. **) I hope you got the kerchief I sent.. (Pusa says)

    Thank you for taking us with you in the post.. kisses and smiles from us to you..

    And .. something I start to remember.. birthday to Keeper.. I hope I'm not too late.. Have forgot exactly when.. I think I have to visit Keeper right now..

    See you Sweepy, take care! Kisses.. :)

    Pusa ^^) and Viola :)


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