Woof, I'm Woofy Back!


As you can see
somebody was busy.
When Popsy died last weekend
Keeper did some back-breaking cleaning:
scrubbed our houses (I now own two!),
sun-dried all the pillows (I now own ALL of them!),
washed all the pillowcases, blankets, towels, toys,
soaped and scrubbed the floors and walls,
shampooed and brushed my drooly self,
cleaned and repainted the old rocking chairs!

Well, she did try.
Every day Keeper tries to wipe and erase
dry tears and sad memories
and soothe our grieving hearts.

She spent lots of time with me now
and we hug each other every day
while reading lovely letters from loving friends
and heartwarming ones from total strangers!
(Please see Keeper's post by clicking HERE)

If your name is not there it is because
Keeper lost a lot of messages and MMS texts
because she deleted them from her drooly phone
that can not keep up with all incoming mails!
Who would have thought that there are readers
who find pleasure from reading our drooly posts?

To all of you . . .
. . . we thank you dearly!
You comforted us deeply
and allowed us to move on.

And moving on means
I am back to play again
at Ashley's:

Keeper said everything about my drooly face
deserves to be featured.

My old drool kerchief. Completely drooly.

Keeper's pepper candle.
Keeper said I can not have peppers
but I can watch our pepper candle
drive mosquitoes away!

I have golden furs
but lately it is dusty icky brown something.

Mine is firm and handsome.
And Keeper's is woofy and off:
Yes, Atom, Keeper has a shadow.
And it is not me.

Our house Heaven cast a lot of shadows lately
which leave this golden supersomething in the dark.

And because it is the heart month
here is my letter for Kitty:

And for my friend Lisa:

You can not completely erase memories.
You can repaint and rework spaces
but the scent, the memory, the drooly stories
will always remain no matter how much you redo it . . .
Which is why it is always good to drooly remember.

And for Viola and Pusa
you will always be in my woofy mind
because you never failed to keep me in yours.

Happy V-Day everybeing!
May your hearts be filled with love
and your memories be warm and happy
as mine!


  1. It is good to move on but never forget. We will be back soon, too.

    love & wags,

  2. Happy Valentines Day, Sweepy! Love your facial feature, your front and your back..heehee!


  3. Great photos. Love the facial features. It's hard to loose a pet.

  4. Great photos, love your facial features. Sorry for your loss.

  5. Great photos Sweepy - love the close up of your nose. Happy Valentine's Day.

  6. You look beautiful with this scarf ! So sorry that Popsy died, it must be very hard both of you !

  7. Gorgeous photos! So sorry for your loss. :(

  8. Awww what a wonderful way to remember your sweet friend - glad to have you back. And a great note to Kitty Paw.

  9. Hey Sweepy...I've been thinking of you often this week. I'm sad that Popsy has gone-I imagine it has been a very sad week around the porch. I know that heartache, that hole that kind of lives in your heart for a time.
    However-now you have more pillows, all the toys, choice of chairs, and 2 houses. There are some benes. I bet you'd trade them all tho. Sending sympathy from me and from my companion Tula Dot.
    As for your pics. I'm so glad you're back AND front. And I agree you cast a wonderful shadow and that you're entire face is a wonderful feature. Tell Keeper you need extra special pats this week, and do take care of her as well.

  10. Sending you hugs Sweetheart.
    When I found it about Popsy last week, my heart broke for you and Keeper.
    I know you will have lots of wonderful memories to help you through.

    Thank you (in advance) for sharing with us at The Creative Exchange.


  11. Beautiful photos, Sweepy. It brings comfort that you are by Keeper's side through all this. We hope that Happy Hearts Day will bring happy memories of Popsy.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & Forgie

  12. Sweepy, you look great with that floral scarf. Hugs and purrs to you and your mom.

  13. Sweepy I love your shadow, it is firm and handsome!

  14. Could not resist stopping by again to see that beautiful face!!

  15. Could not resist stopping by again to see that beautiful face!

  16. I'm sure you have so many wonderful times to remember, Sweepy.
    Sending you hugs!

  17. hello sweepy dear! i am happy to see your drooly face back again as well Keeper Lui smiling side by side with you. i hope you had a great day yesterday! :)

  18. So sorry that Popsy died :(
    But memories will always be with you.
    Lovely photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  19. Oh my goodness, sorry to hear about your dad, I hope you are feeling better. We will be thinking of you.

  20. Love the sunshine that brings a smile to your face.
    Hope you have a great day with lots of hugs and love.

  21. We are glad that you are slowly healing from your pain. I love how you lay like a froggie!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  22. Dear dear Sweepy.. and I'm so sorry I haven't seen your post before now!! :/ But I hope you had a good V.day! I think I said happy V in Lui's blog..

    It's sad to see the chair next beside you is empty.. But in our heart.. I know you bring him in your heart..

    Your flower power scarf is beautiful! Many lovely pictures here! And I just love the one of you and Keeper Lui! =)

    Of course we are thinking of you, we have learnt to know you for such quite a long time by blogging.. so it's difficult not to get in love with you! :)

    Have a good time, you and Lui! :)
    Love from Viola :) and Pusa ^^)

  23. And thank you so very much for mention us! It warms my heart Sweepy! My heart and Pusa's heart!

  24. Sweepy I think your Love Letter to Kitty Paw was so nice.
    I am sorry to learn about your loss of Popsy, it brought tears to my eyes. Losing our furry friends is so hard. I hope you and your human are doing better now. Sending hugs to you all.

  25. Aww...how sad for you, losing your Popsy. You're adorable, and I love your Valentine to Kitty Paw <3 ...hope your heart is healing <3


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