March Is Marching Out!

. . . and out.

Woof Break.

Woofy Advice:
When the weather goes from hot
to rainy to stormy
to whatever
just sleep it off!

My Keeper told me that.
And my Keeper love to ruin my nap . . .

. . . and my bed weather mood!

There ought to be a law against
people drooling over their pets
especially when we are asleep!

There ought to be a law
against drooling hoomans.

Now I'm off to hunt
before this senior dog
gets that s-moment . . .

. . . are moments when I thought I saw my loved ones.
Something black, something dear
would always pass by our Heaven
but when I sniff it for that familiar smell
I smell only something yucky strange
that tells me this is not My Black Ones.

My hoomans create herbs.
And this SuperDog's job is to guard
whatever they create:
. . . that is, when I'm not sleeping.

. . . on ma paws . . .
. . . on ma feet . . .
. . . on ma tails
on the table
on the walls.
And in case you don't woofy know
I do live in Dust Island.

And you better clean up
before the hoomans arrive
or you're not going to hear
the last of it!
I warn you furries!

Definitely a sprout
or sprouty something
near the snout
of a snooty something.

My woofy tail does all that on a whim, Ashley.

And look what dropped from somewhere:
Luchie get down from up there!
Oh, what's wrong with this old lady?!!

And to answer some Qs in the mail:

"What is your favorite snacks, Sweepy
and is it good for you?" - Keira
There ya go, Keira.
I looooooove cookies and milk
BUT Keeper said it is bad for ma teefies
not unless I have teeth scrub after.
What a woofy choice really!

"Where is Petrocelli?" - Diego
There ya go, Diego.
That stray cat is back
and having his own milk and cookies
on the roof!
from my hoomans
who can't bear seeing him
hungry, dirty, and whatever.

Life is drooly lazy
as my month is closing
and the weather is moody
and if you don't watch out
the mood can get to you.

Keeper is right.
Sleep it off!


  1. Good job sweepy! I like your dusty paws!

  2. Great choices for the Scavenger Hunt!
    Blessed Sunday to you, Sweepy!
    Lea's Menagerie

  3. Very cute dusty paws! Have a great Sunday!

  4. Hey Sweepy Sweep. I'm going to take that advice and nap sometime today. You are one smart woofy Sweepy.
    I really like your feet shots-dangling them over the edge like a daredevil. And that is quite whimsical how your tail does that. Bet it makes Keeper happy.

  5. You look adorable all snuggly in your blanket. Good to see the cat on the roof again.

  6. You are such a little sweetheart, and I love you all wrapped up in your blanket!

  7. Another great set Sweepy - love the perspective on create.

  8. How fun that your prompts are all done using your sweet doggie.
    Loved the Drop shot and those dusty paws.

  9. Miiiaauu, I just love the photos of you Sweepy! And I can see you're eating something good.. well, me I do not like biscuits.. I even do not like milk.. Keeper gives me only water, but I just love water, especially water from the tap or boiled water (that has been cold of course).. But give me some fish! I just love it! But not what fish, it must be coalfish!! =)

    Say hello to Petrocelli as well! :)
    Be good to each other!

    Lovely cheek kisses from Pusa ^^)

  10. very clever.... fun herbs!! sweet Sweepy...

  11. You look so sweet and cosy in your blanket ! and then watching girls, lol !
    The kitty shouldn't eat sweet things that's not good for him. Water is also better than milk. Let your mom give him dried cat food ! That's good especially for eating outside because it can't get decayed.

  12. Lovely post!!! It is good to see you too my friend!!

  13. Cookies & milk sounds wonderful!

    Nubbin wiggles,


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