March Is My Month!

Today is my birthday!
Today I turn a woofy 10!
In human age that is 70.
Well, I look and feel like a pup still.

And dontcha ever contradict, Keeper!

". . . happy birthday, sweepy!
you belong to the zoo.
with the monkeys, and the donkeys
and the big kangaroo!"

Well, I do feel young
because my hooman is a sap!
And, in case you don't know,
March is also the Women's month!
And the hoomans in Heaven are all women!
And these are what the women in my life
does for this SuperDawg:

Takes Me For A Walk
. . . and Run!

Bring Me Grass
Nope, not the forbidden kind, people!
Dogs eat grass because it is good for our tumtum.
And sometimes because dogs are cow wannabes.

Groom My Whatever

And Makes Me Hunt Every Week
And this week, that baby-filled Ashley
wanted another 5 hard-t0-find stuff!

My vintage face.
Original and drooly real!

I quote my drooly self.

I am always part of the landscape . . .
the better to drool on RainbowAve unnoticed!
OMD! I see . . .

They do this every year
near the season of Lent:
. . . where the neighbors pray
over 14 stations of Jesus cross
spread over 14 houses!
This year, when they visited us
they prayed for my women's sickness
and my drooly birthday!

I have hundreds to choose from
but I think this captures my 10th year:
drooly super something.

And here's for Lisa
who took a creative break:
Life can be drooly good or bad
but only if you make it so, Lisa.
A break is good
as long as you don't
break your neck!

And for Amy who used to do CSS:
(splash out drooly colors!)
Life does not suck if your fangs aren't clean
but surely they make yer women happy!

And for all my drooly women fans:
We-men love our women
because they make males like me
adorable, young, happy,
woofy and goofy!

You're all invited to have drooly fun on my birthday!
Grab yourself a cake and eat it for the love of Me!
Have yourself a happy bday Eats!
Happy Birthday to Me!


  1. I am sitting here smiling as I am reading your post.. I just love all your shots..

  2. Happy bday, my lovely goofy S!
    You make my life drooly FUN!

  3. Happy birthday Sweepy! I love all your pictures.

  4. Funny! Happy birthday to you!

  5. A very happy birthday to you !! I'll be 70 in two years, so we are both still young !

  6. Happy 10th, Sweepy! Nice teeth!

    From the tremendous three at the Blanchard residence,
    Sebastian, Shelly and Mickey
    Yip, woof and howl!

  7. Happy Birthday! You look so handsome and happy today. A beautiful week to you, Sweepy!:)

  8. Happy birthday! I love all of your pictures, but especially Pawtographer's Choice. You sure are cute, Sweepy.

  9. Happy birthday - you don't look a day older than 5!

  10. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday Dear Sweeeeeeeeeeepy,
    Happy Birthday to you!!!


    Sending you big hugs and kisses on your very, very special day.

    lisa. xo

    P.S. LOVE your "Pawtographer's Choice" shots!!

  11. Happy Birthday Sweepy!
    I love all your photos!
    I did not do the Scavenger Hunt this time, but I've already started getting photos for the next one.
    Have a marvelous week!
    Why not have a BIRTHDAY WEEK?
    Lea's Menagerie

  12. Happy birthday, Sweepy! Thanks for the shout-out. I do miss our Color Splash Sunday, but it's nice to see you are still following the tradition. ;) Have a great week, and do tell Lui that I said hello!

  13. Happy Birthday Sweepy! Love your quote shot.

  14. happy birthday Sweepy dear! glad you have fun during your birthday with all the grooming you get from Keeper. may you have more drooly years to come :D

  15. Oh dear Sweepy!! Happy drooly birthday to you!! ♥
    (well, yesterday it was..)
    I am sure you and your women had a gorgeous day! :))

    Lovely photos and to let you know: I kissed your nose!! =)
    You are such a sweetie Sweepy, and very handsome! And sure, you looks like a pup, full of kindness and full of energy! :) Lui by the way, also looks like a pup ;)

    Drooly kisses from
    Pusa ^^)
    Viola :)

  16. Aw you still look like a pup to me, Sweepy! Happy Birthday and many more!


  17. Hey, Sweepy! March is my month too.
    Happy Birthday you beautiful pup!

  18. Sorry I missed your birthday, very happy belated birthday and a hug from Skipper. :)

  19. Oh, gosh, we missed your bark-day. So very, very sorry. We promise never, ever to do that again!


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