Watchit March!

I am on SuperDog alert!
March is Fire Prevention Month
yet we have fire accidents every week!

Superdog Drooly Solution:

That means no drooly cooking,
no smoking, no lighting of candles,
no burning of whatever, Keeper!

Just thinking of fires
make me drooly thirsty . . .
and that makes me yearn for . . .


And this starts my hunt for Ashley's:

Yupsy, that's ME!
Okay, this animal is in control.
Lookit: when disaster strikes get a kit!
Whistle is for the humans to use!
The toy is to distract myself.
The flashlight is for . . .

. . . so the hoomans can find me
when it gets . . .

. . . in ma house
and I'm drooly sleeping under . . .
. . . where the air is cooler and the place darker!
Woof, who can sleep in a bright place anyway?

Woof, that's ma furs, Ashley!
I think it is called drooly malt faded choco something.
Okay listen: this chocolate something
also sleeps under the hot afternoon sun
because the heat makes me snoozy
although it fades ma furs.
. . . just don't mind the hooman's hanging undies, woof!

And that ends my SHS, Ashley.
Next time I hope you have my favorite hunts:
nom-nom, walks, cool collars, hugs, pillows.

Now to answer your possible Qs.
This SuperDog anticipates drooly queries, y'know.

Why do I have mirrors in my emergency kit?

Duh. It allows me to see myself!
. . . and I sometimes sleep with one eye open:
. . . to keep me alert when disaster strikes!

Woof, I sense one coming . . .

Mail attack!
Keeper, you don't have to pay electricity this month!
I ate the bill. Its gone! Nada.
Ain't I smart, Pusa?

Now here lies my family:
My departed loved ones are buried near our trees!
I visit them often which is why Keeper
covered Popsy's grave with sacks filled with rocks!
This place is also our compost pit where dry leaves,
kitchen peelings, and anything drooly recyclable
are thrown in and made into earth once again!

And while we only have wet and dry season in my country
in other parts of the world it is Spring!
Spring springs surprises . . .
warm weather, new plants,
and lonely days . . .
. . . made special by loved ones . . .
. . . keeping you warm and loved.

Hug and love your world!
It is the only one
you drooly got!


  1. Hello Sweepy,
    Another lovely post as usual.
    Have a blessed day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  2. I really like the light shot. The water shot is pretty neat too. Great job!

  3. Morning Sweepy,
    Fab shots as always.

  4. I see you take good care of the house and sleeping under the bed instead of in the bed, why not ? I think for me it would not be very comfortable !

  5. Great post, love the pic with the flash light!

  6. What a lovely post Sweepy! Did Lui help you to write this??

    You have a cosy bed, with cosy toys.. I had nearly forgot you have the warm summer heat there.. Here at our place the snow has just disappeared.. and we have had some extraordinary sun sets.. Today we are waiting the sun.. it's on its way around the house corner.. :))

    Peace be with your family members who had to pass away.. peace and light! :)

    Big hug from Viola :)

  7. Hellomiaaau Sweepy!! ^^)

    Did you eat the bill?? wow.. Maybe I should try the same.. ^^)))) so maybe there will be more money for food.. a lot of delicious food..!! But I should like to eat a ">>>>---- (that is mouse!).. But Keeper don't like me eating mouses or birds..
    Then your questions:
    1. No, Keeper did not give my food to the birds.. if she did, I would scratch her badly!
    2. Yes, usually I run after birds.. but how far can you run on a balcony? I'm not stupid.. so I'm sitting quiet calm.. not moving a whisker!! Imagine.. how strange to be a cat as me?! Not normal.. AND keeper never lets me sit alone on the balcony.. :(
    3. freezing cold on my nose.. yes, I know what you are talking about, to put it that way.. Maybe you would like my freezy nose, in the hot summer heat..?? But now it's spring here.. and my nose is not frozen any more.. ^^)

    Chin strokes from Pusa ^^)

  8. Oh my goodness! How cute is your dog? Adorable : ) Such a fun post. Very creative.

  9. Great job Sweepy - really like that mirror shot.

  10. Hey Sweepy Sweep. I love that Keeper gets you all those pillows and cushions and you sleep under the drooly bed-with one eye open, looking in the mirror. Good going. You look absolutely dashing in your fire whistle. Keep up the alerts!

  11. Great post. Really enjoyed water. Thanks

  12. Really enjoyed your post . Love your water shot. Thanks

  13. Spring is beginning to spring up around here & it rocks!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  14. How beautiful is that dog! Wow. Thanks for sharing these photos with us!

  15. It sounds like you know just what to do for Fire Prevention month, Sweepy! It is always such a pleasure to see what you are up to. How fortunate Keeper is to have you!

    Thank you so very much for being such a special part of The Creative Exchange, and I will most definitely be seeing you in "Blogland!"

    lisa. xo

  16. You are one clever pup, Sweepy!

  17. Beautiful photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  18. Sweepy you are ready! Very clever of you to have your disaster kit ready, just in case! It's a good thing you have a flashlight. You might need it since you ate the electric bill...BOL


  19. To quench our thirst, cold water is the best. Cheers, Sweepy!

  20. I hope you never need it but it's always good to have a disaster kit!

    love & wags,


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