Marching On To March!

In case you don't know
it is already the month of March.
It is time to change the calendar
AND mark the 18th day
because it is the day
I turn drooly 10.

And before I drooly forget
I better do Ashley's SHS:

. . . I look stylish when I wear my drool kerchief!

Keeper wants to let go of Popsy's kerchief
but I will not allow her to do that!
I want my Popsy's smell around me!
. . . besides I do look good wearing it!

My boring sked includes watching over Heaven and the hoomans . . .
I get really drooly stressed out
when TheOtherKeeper Luchie cleans
and I only relax when she gets down
from her drooly task!

My woofy old phone also has . . .

. . . oh, rock my butt, and shake my tail
and bark out loud to the searing skies above . . .
Duh. Some music really rock my butt.

Now let me share with you some stuff
that gets my ire . . .
I can't understand what this is!!
Turn it off, people!
I am not a robot.
I. Am. A. Dog.
And I can't read word verif.

Luchie watches the Impeachment on TV
and some judges are so annoying so
that there is no room for uncivilized behavior
in a civilized society unless you're a dog!

AND. . .
. . . when I get moody
I stop in the middle of my walk
which makes Keeper moody
because then she will have to carry me!
I do get my moods too you know.

And now look at Keeper:
She tells me she loves me every day.
She sings to me and massages my tumtum
and makes sure I get less moody.
So why am I moody?
It must be the scaldingly HOT weather!

And here's my drooly musing
for my friend Lisa:
Do not be moody because . . .
. . . you do not really lose your loved ones
they are always watching over you
over the clouds and in quiet corners . . .
. . . and even while you sleep . . .

Death is not the end.
It is just a lull
in the middle of a song
that will eventually soar
to an exciting note . . .


  1. I like your 'routine' shots as well as the one with your human and your style (gotta love that pose).

  2. That dog's got style...and so does Keeper!

  3. Cute blog -- and love them all!

  4. Drooly love me my Sweepy posts. I agree you look awesome wearing 2 scarves-Popsy would agree. I. Am. Not. A. Dog and I can't figure out that word verification stuff either. Thanks for woofing it out there. Have a great week Sweeps.

  5. Dearest Sweepy, Meja is in love with you! I'm not sure what to make of this. We'd both like to thank you for saying hello to our post but now Meja thinks you are her boyfriend. Girls!!!!

    Bobo (and smootchies frojm Meja!)

  6. Great set Sweepy - aren't you so stylish.

  7. Happy birthday sweet Sweepy!! =) ^^)

    We just love all the pictures of you! and of Keeper! :)

    Warm chinstrokes from Pusa ^^)
    Warm big hug from Viola :)

  8. love dogs... your post was arfsome!

  9. Sweepy, you look great with drool kerchief.
    We're sorry about that horrible word verification for comments. We earnestly hope its visibility will improve soon. Sometimes our human increase the font size; it helps.

  10. Sweepy looks fun!

  11. Sweepy looks fun!

  12. It's so hot over here too, makes me feels a little moody and sleepy. Do you want to join me for a swim now?

  13. Woof, hold your horses, Serline, 'cause I'm drooly rushing in for a dive!

    And Meja, you are now officially My Cat GF! Woof!

  14. Woof's kerchief is a wonderful accessory.

  15. Ah, Sweepy - you are such a sweetheart!

  16. So adorable and funny! I love every photo and I just want to squeeze Sweepy because he's so cute. Thank you for sharing! :)

  17. Hey you little Sweetheart, care to share some of that hot weather with me????
    It's the middle of the afternoon, and it's 16 degrees here.
    You would definitely need both of those kerchiefs!
    Thank you for all the smiles you always give to me, and for sharing wonderful you at The Creative Exchange.

    lisa. xo

  18. Lui I especially love this photo of you and sweepy together on the porch. He is such a sweetie! Is he a bit lonesome?? Are you thinking of a little friend for him. also tell him that is very good advice on getting rid of the word verific. Ugh! Hate that! Makes me feel blind and old!

  19. Sweepy, you made me laugh and you made me sigh. Tail wags and sniffs from Barley!

  20. You look great with your 10 years ! I don't know how much that is in human years but I guess it's quiet a lot. My cats and I don't like this thing to prove that we are no robots ! It's so time consuming !

  21. Gattina, 10 dog years is 70 to humans!
    Woof, OhMaDawg, I am drooly old. Yikes!

  22. Wow, you're going to be a great dog at 10 years old!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  23. Your Popsy's kerchief looks good on you. We can certainly understand the need for the smell. 10 years is still young!

    love & wags,


  24. Hello Sweepy! ^^)

    No my Keeper do not eat those onions, it's a plant..

    Have a woofy happy weekend! :)

    Scratching Pusa ^^)


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