April Is Not Woofy Foolish


I Am Ordered To be Quiet
and Behaved
and be On Guard

That can only mean one thing:
A bored dog is a dangerous creature.
So before I get anywhere
boring and dangerous . . .

. . . a little quiet roaching will help!

It is Holy Week in my islands
and everything is quiet
so I better get on with my hunts
for Ashley's:

My new look.
I am wearing the black's collars.
They belong to my late black father Sumo
and my late big black brother Bogart.
Keeper wanted to give them away
but I forbid her not to
because it still carries their scent!

There is something growing in the rocky garden.
Too bad I can not eat it!

I am exempted from fasting.
I eat meat all the time.
And my meal always smell good!

I helped make a friendship tag for Keeper.
I licked and bit the yarn.
Now Keeper can wear them on her wrist
and quietly declare our friendship.

Oh I'm sure you know
which pillows belong to Keeper
and which ones are mine!
Keeper is giving our pillows a sunbath!

And I give myself a sun bath too:

And Pusa and Viola
wanted to know what I see
around Rainbow Avenue:

There's Dawgy.
My hoomans feed her regularly.
Dawgy barks a lot . . .
and calls to me a lot!

Dawgy is calling my attention
to that white dog walking with her human
But I can't bark about it.

And now look!
Somedoggy is passing by
and leaving pee-mails
on our gate!
And I can't bark again!

And lookit:
. . . is No-Name.
And No-Name lives dangerously on the street!
I tried not to bark and failed . . .

No-Name is the enemy of
our adopted stray cat!
Do you see anybody?
I really thought somebody called me
but I don't see anybody!

RainbowAve is quiet this week . . .
. . . and if I don't watchit
the people will bark at me!

So I think I should enjoy the quiet
and the hot fiery sun
because it can only mean one thing:
the people will not pester me this week!

I smile while sunbathing, Lisa.
Quiet is good after all . . .

Have a quiet Easter week everybody!


  1. Happy Easter Sweepy. Enjoy that sun. A very fun post to read this week.

  2. It's really nice to see that you keep yourself busy, Sweepy. Boredom kills me!

  3. Look at you sun bathing! I like how you are wearing your dad's collar. Have a great Easter!

  4. Oh Sweepy!! =) We just love your post!! =) ^^)

    We like your house! So beautiful! And.. NOW Viola unserstand what you saw in the avenue.. =) Youa can have a woofy talk with that dog across the street! ;) But I see you cannot bark a lot.. hm.. best not to bark much then..

    Poor No-Name, he/she looks so thin.. I'm sad he/she canot stay ftraight friends with Petrocelli..
    But you are clever you bark out to warn the No-Name when a car suddenly come, whatever No-Name should mean about that! :))

    Such a very beautiful bracelet you have made for Keeper, with an S - sooo sweet! :)

    I think I know who called you, and I think you know too.. from above.. and I can see a rose there.. such a good sign Sweepy! :)

    Pusa is sure you are dreaming of something very funny, in the last photo ^^D

    Peace & love

    Pusa ^^)
    Viola :)

  5. Hey Sweepy Sweep-I can "bark away", but you can't. Not fair.
    I think all of those pillows should be yours. Love the way you relax AND eat at the same time. Brilliant. Enjoy the sunbath. Tula Dot says hi.

  6. Lovely photos !!! I like most life and new photos !!!

    I had also April Fool's photo in my blog in 1.4.

    in http://nukkekotinukke.blogspot.com

  7. Aww, you look so happy sunbathing, Sweetheart!
    I am glad it is a quiet week for you, and I am surely glad you could still have meat!
    Sending you hugs and wishes for a wonderful week ahead.

  8. Love your doggie photos! Terrific way to fit them into most of the prompts.

  9. Another creative hunt Sweepy - really like your life shot.

  10. Sweepy you crack me up!
    It's always fun reading about what you are up to.
    Your NEW collars are "fab" on you and such a wonderful way to remember your brother & father.
    Thanks for sharing what's new in your world.

  11. I LOVE coming here. I always end up smiling real BIG! I linked to you through Ashley's Scavenger Hunt. Your pics were great. I really like how you kept your father and brother's collars. Sentimental?


  12. Sweepy!
    Sure you had lots of "visitors" these days!
    I love your "feeding position"
    You are adorable!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Hello Sweepy
    I enjoyed seeing your photos this week.
    Happy Easter!
    Lea's Menagerie

  14. Sweepy, you are so adorable.
    Psst, word verif is off. :)

  15. Great photos. I really loved the stray kitty & you in your special collars.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  16. You really look like an overworked watchdog ! except when you really watched the cat, lol !

  17. Cute! Loved seeing your photos!

  18. I'll bet nothing much passes by without being noticed by you and Dawgy!

  19. Just dropping by to say 'hi'. It is so furry sad that there are hungry and stray dogs and cats in your neighborhood. That makes out momma furry sad. She said she would bring them to our house if we didn't live so far away...


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