Look Out!


I thought it is my late big brother Bogart
visiting me on his 2nd death anniv yesterday.
But when I looked again,
I noticed the dirty furs,
the thin body and strange smell!
Nope, that's not my Bogart.

My bigB was lovably unique.
And even if Keeper always said,
"oh, you look like twins!"
(Yesh, Pusa, my human is myopic!)
. . . nobody can look as
adorably clueless
and cluelessly cute as my B.
I miss you drooly, Bogart . . .

So nope, that roaming dog without a leash,
who leave his pee-mails everywhere!
scour the garbage bins,
and collect fleas to spread down RainbowAve
actually belongs to our neighbor.

Keeper will once again remind our neighbor
and people will declare her a Villain
for being outspoken again . . .

It has been a worry week
and lotsa villain moves for Keeper.
A group of foreigners opened an online dogfight ring
was caught, moved elsewhere, and was caught again!

Hundreds of dogs were abused by them.
A lot of the dogs were euthanized due to weak condition.
Keeper was extremely distraught!

And this week,
we had a rocket scare invasion:
flights were re-routed,
fishermen were asked not to sail,
in case the rocket debris falls into our head!
Keeper prayed all week
and the rocket fell back to its makers!

Then we had intruders on our seas
stealing giant clams and corals that took years to grow
and they stole live whales for their exotic meals
and when they were caught
they got angry at us instead
and bullied us!

And so all week
Keeper told us to be on guard.

Petrocelli was told to be on guard as well.
You can not get pass a cat with that look!

You can NOT allow poachers
to get away from this SuperDog!

Now if everything is secure in Heaven
I better do Ashley's SHS:

I eat rice with my meats.
It is pretty complicated and takes time
because Keeper has to blend the meat well
and make sure to remove bits of bones
and check the temperature (not too hot)
before I can have my meal:

My human is a disaster in sewing
yet she recycles old bedsheets
to sew me new pillow covers and mats.
She recycles everything!

Keeper is my best transpo.
When I get lazy walking, she carries me
at the risk of breaking her back!
And now she is carrying me to my bath . . .
where I will surely get . . .

Keeper uses an organic soap
which does not produce much bubbles
but makes my fur clean and fragrant!
Now you know why Keeper always hugs me!

Life is truly . . .

. . . simply complicated.

And when life gets too antsy
you take a pause
smell the flowers
take a walk . . .
. . . and remind yourself
how lucky you are
to have the bestest friends around.

Thank you for being part of my superlife!
Now I wish you safe and happy week
as I stand guard
and watch Keeper pray . . .


  1. Sorry you had a stressfulmweek Sweepy! Glad your human gives you bubble baths to destress.

  2. Really cute photos.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. There were teeny tiny bubbles in the drops if you look closely. :)

  3. Cute shots, this week! Hope you enjoyed your bubble bath!

  4. What a stressful week! I am glad you were on guard to make sure your humans were safe! Love the scavenger hunt finds as well!

  5. Sweepy Sweep. Sounds like a busy week in your area. On guard, you and Petrocelli.
    Miss Tula had a bubble bath this week too. Must be the season for dogs to get clean. Have a great woofy drooly day.

  6. Dawling Sweepy
    I know you miss youw bwuvvew Bogawt..what a lovely boy he was..i know he is safe in heaven and someday will be playing wif you again..I'm so sowwy fow all the bad things and howwid hoomans who cause sadness and pain..we will pway togethew wif youw keepew and you.
    I hope this week will be bettew and bwing you joy..I'm also sowwy that you can't see my smileyboxes.....mommi takes too many pictoowes and that's why we show them that way, but I'll make hew put some not in thewe so you can see too
    Smoochie kisses

  7. Hello dear Sweepy! :)

    Fantastic lovely photos of you and I love to watch your days! :) But I was soo sorry to hear about the bad things that happened there, it made me soo sad! :( I hope it will not happen again!!

    Sure that dog looked like Bogart at first look.. but as you say, of course it was not B! :))

    I love to see you take a bath, oh I sure understand why Lui loves to hug you! But even not washed, I'm sure you are lovely to hug! =)

    Pusa agrees with what I write here.. and she wants to answere on your *what's up?* *miiiauuuuu... not that much.. I'm bored sometimes.. espesially when my keeper is sitting in front of the pc too long..! But Im sooo glad each time she visit your blog!! ^^)
    take care dear Sweepy! ^^)

    Hugs from Viola :) (oh, how lovely you smell!)
    and drooly nose kisses from Pusa ^^)

  8. I will never ever understand why people raise dogs to fight.
    I am glad they got caught, and I know you are too.
    How lucky you are to be safe with such a wonderful Keeper!
    I love the photo of you sitting on the chair. You look like the very regal big guy you are!
    Have a wonderful week ahead Sweetheart!

  9. There really does seem to be a lot of stress in our lives, Sweepy. Stroking the fur of a dog or cat is said to help relieve people of stress. Does it help the pet too?
    You are a wonderful watch dog, Sweepy!

  10. Nicely done Sweepy - really like that last shot.

  11. Sweepy there never seems to be a "dull" moment in your life. Some sounds good and some not so good. I'm happy though that you and your human have each other. I really liked your Simple shot. That's what a dog's life should be, relaxing.

  12. We read about the situation there with those doggies! It is so sad...
    I loved all your pictures!
    Have a grrrreat week!
    Kisses and hugs to all of you!

  13. i love your golden fur sweepy!
    and i love the shot when keeper carries you, it was so touching...

  14. Great series as always, Sweepy!
    I did not do the Scavenger Hunt this week, but if you want something simple to do, visit my blog and sniff my flowers. Hope they don't make you sneeze!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Lea's Menagerie

  15. Great job keeping everything safe!

    Nubbin wiggles,


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