Hot Hot April!

 Yes it is so scorching HOT
so before I melt from the heat
let me get right down to Ashley's

This is my Ninoy shirt.
Keeper borrows it from time to time ;-o

. . . ok, make that smile.
Whenever I see TheOtherKeeper Luchie
she makes me woofy smile because:
1. She talks to herself.
2. She talks to me.
3. She can't hear well.
So when I woofy bark at her
she does not bark back!

An accident really.
I hope the hooman won't notice.

I greet the sun as it rises!
I do that because by the time it is high up
nobody can greet her at all!

This rocking chair is so ancient
that my late Popsy told me it was here
even before my old late Mumsy came!
And my Mumsy was here since 1991!
And I was born in 2002 and now I am 10!
And 10 dog years is equal to 70 in human years!
Ohmadog! This chair is indeed antique!

And that ends my hunt this week.

Now I can remove my shirt and go naked . . .
I go shirtless and collarless on most days.
And every hour somebody would wipe me with wet towels.
If Keeper is home she calls out to me
just to check if I am still breathing!

Why don't you order rain this week, Keeper?

Yes, my hooman does that.
Maybe she is too sick to notice.
This week Keeper had fever
and if I don't watch over her
she might burn herself!

So I gotta go
and watch ma hooman
and watch myself
and watch all of Heaven.

And before I furget:
Happy Earth day!
Our Earth is sick and not happy
but I wish that you will be happy
and do something to make the earth well.

Have a safe and happy week!