Drooly Bdays, Calendars, and Weather . . .

Last Friday the black hounds
jointly celebrated their birthdays.
Yes, they share the same drooly birthdate.
Don't ask why, how or what.
It's just drooly blah.

Popsy Sumo turned 10
and bigbroBogart turned crazy (hooha!)
I mean, the bigblackthing turned drooly 9.
Ok, we're officially having senior dogs in Heaven!
I think we need to order arthritis meds soon.

It was such a drooly day
and to prove that, there was an eclipse . . .
I can't see it but I can smell it!
And an earthquake woke me from my nap
and to think we're having a new moon!

New moon means beginnings.
And if beginnings are going to be like this
I think I'm going woofy back to endings.
Keeper, will you rewind this week back to Christmas?
Naah! Not really.
Not another fireworks weeks!

So, anydawg, the BLACK day began
with a drooly cupcake laden
with yummy frothy thing
that will surely give us diabetes . . .
. . . which my old man, er dawg Popsy Sumo
licked to dizzying heights . . .
Watch the carbs, Popsy!
Watch it, especially when you're now
officially 7o in hooman years!!!

When Keeper gave me and Bogart our cakes
I quickly grabbed Bogart's
. . . and finished it off while the clueless thing got busy
licking the icing. By the time, he licked the icing clean,
the dumbo realized, "duh, but where's the cake?"

Hey, don't look at me, bro!
I ain't seen any cake.
I'm drooly waiting for mine . . .

Keeper shook her head
and went to make another batch.
You see, the old woman
has to freshly assemble the cake
in case the icing melts . . .
So while the old woman left
I grabbed the cake plate and cover!

Ha! What FUN!

It's a good thing
Keeper has extra cakes
to satisfy drooly appetites
and for drooly seconds!

Talk of Beginnings . . .
This old calendar has to go.
It was the favorite calendar
of Keeper's students and friends,
dogs and dog owners,
petshops and pawnshops,
and any boring bodies
waiting for time and days to pass.

It was such a big hit
that I promised to make another one for 2010:
A drooly desk calender
for every month of the year!
What doggone genius!
Now, everybody can see me in action
every month of 2010!

Now, I asked Keeper to make me a drooly case
made of hand-made drooly paper on recycled boards
to send to my drooly winners Happy and Lorenza
so when they open this surprise . . .
Voila! My drooly calendar with a drooly clip
which can serve as a stand with side pockets
so it would be easy to choose the month to clip!

Of course, they can also decide to clip everything!
. . . that way they will know all the days of 2010 at once!
And see all my drooly self every month!
Drooly neat, huh!

Now, since I can not afford to send to everyone
and everybody hollering on twits and chats
asking for freebies must simply email me:
and I will send you a free copy by eMail
so you can just print by your lonesome self (hooha!)
and no fossil fuel will be used and abused.
(Waaah, wattaBum!)

And for those busy rushing folks like Keeper
who hates bringing bags with her
here's a small, pocket-sized calendar
a wee bit bigger than yer phone Keeper!

What do you mean you hate bringing calendars in yer pocket?
What do you mean you'd rather use your mobile phone
that carries everything in it: calendar, calculator, creditcard,
BMI, appointments, gCash, wifi, music, and lipgloss!
Your phone has lipgloss, Keeper?
And moisturizer spritzer too?
I am so Out. So Out.

Duh, you are so out and off,
your calendar's soooo late.
Popsy has been waiting for the calendar
since December.

Oh, stop it Bogart!
Of course I'm late.
You can't expect me to make my 2010 calendar in 2009.
That would be confusing.
That would make it not right.
That would . . . oh, excuses!

Talk of late . . .
I'm kindda freakin' out
because I wonder if my friends got our howliday cards
since most of them got the eMail version only!
I tried to send both to all.
Anyway, since my post office is soooo late,
I went to another post office to mail my calendar
for my howliday winners Happy and Lorenza.
I hope they get it before 2010 ends.
In which case, I better start my 2011 calendar NOW!

Which brings me to another batch of cards I received.
. . . from Addie, Lucie and Hailey, Dino and baby Ashley,
the baralotboyz Jake and Just Harry, and Randi the Lab/Newf.
I updated this in my last post.
Thank you sooo much furries!!!!

They mailed it first week of December
yet it got to me in a month!
That means my cards will also take a month or more!
I'm so sorry furries!
What a drooly delay!
Well, if you're like me who enjoy receiving cards
even if its late, it does not matter.
And I'm really enjoying all the cards and greetings sent.
Too bad some are not in my list
and some have no return address
and some are complete strangers
that I have no way of adding them on my list!
Please post your return address, your blog/URL site,
or even just your eMail address so I can drooly thank you
and add you to my drooly list . . .

Anydawg . . .
it is drooly chilly in our house Heaven now.
Keeper covered our house with tarps
and bundled us with blankets
but I prefer to sleep with my brother Bogart.
That way I get a drooly warm pillow
with a heaving massager
and drooly snoring as lullaby . . .

But this is the best . . .
. . . no, that is not Cory.
Yeah, TheOtherKeeper Luchie look like Cory.
And Keeper sounds like Kris
and Popsy Sumo is voting for Noynoy.
That is, if dogs can vote, Popsy will.
It is very Yellow in Heaven.

And to ward off the chilly day
I am tugging my yellow towel everywhere
and wait for drooly hoomans to hug me
as I wait for more drooly cupcakes
to warm my drooly belly . . .

And btw, I can't go to Thursday chat all month.
I'm thinking of taking a sabbatical
and probably write drooly verses
and drooly murals
to ward off the drooly cold.


  1. Sweepy! I missed you missed you missed you!

    I got your card and loved it very much.

    Snuggly Bum Sniggles! <3

  2. Happy Birthday to Popsy Sumo and Bogart!
    Sure you know how to celebrate!
    The calendars are pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. I miss you 2,3,..100 times more, Cookie ma love!
    Waaah wa woof! Woofy woe me!

  4. ...and oh, thank you Lorenza for greeting the black hounds. And I hope you get my calendar...sooner than soon, as my Popsy would say!


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