More Howliday Cards!

More Cards!
This time from River and Stephanie, Amici and Pennington family,
Cubby and Dakota, Gus, Waldo and Allison all from the USA
and one from Charlie and his Irene from Manila!
Wow, it really feels like Christmas every week!

Ok guys, we got your cards!
I will update the list from that post.
We love them very much!
I drooly hope you all got ours.
Look, my big black bro Bogart has a favorite:

Er, ah, pssst! that ain't the sender, Bogart!
I think it's the card's design, bro.
River is the one in the photograph inside the card!
Bogart loves anything and everything BLACK!
Now you know . . . .

Anydawg, last month we had some major repairs in Heaven.
The hoomans finally had this pathetic roof repaired.
This sorry state was the result
of years and years of weather abuse,
death-defying, storm-wracking,
sunny-hot, rainy-what, windy-high, cat-attack,
plus, some hooman walking on the roof hoo-ha . . .
So finally, this poor roof
was given a once-over,
drilled to death, coated with anti-rust
and painted over and over in dizzying silver . . .

TheOtherKeeper Luchie walked over the new roof
and almost got blinded by its metallic color!
The workers had migraines after work too.
I mean who wouldn't after working all day
in that blinding color that also reflects the blinding sun!
All the birds had vertigo too and landed on Bogart's back!

It was truly nerve-wracking that I told myself
that I will never, ever climb and walk down that roof!
Now, who's the idiot who recommended that color, Keeper?

Oh, AnotherKeeper did?
That sure explains it.
AnotherKeeper is that clueless peep
who calls us "animals" . . . .

Anydawg . . .
when the repair was going on
it was pure bedlam in Heaven!
I can't hardly walk anywhere
without running the risk of stepping on nails,
sharp metal, broken branches, worker's shoes,
or inhaling poisonous chemicals and worker's shoes,
or heaven-help-me, get hit by falling debris,
bird droppings from fainting birds,
and alas, falling worker's shoes!

Those shoes were soooo toxic
that they invaded my worse day and nightmares.
There was only one thing to do . . .
. . . and I do this every hour
of every hour I had the energy
to walk around Heaven.
It was absolute torture.
So I marked it as "Restricted Area" . . .

The plants in Heaven almost died too!
I mean, the workers were throwing all sorts of toxic stuff
that gave our plants ugly white spots
and burned hot ugly holes in some. . .
. . . which made Keeper cried all week!

TheOtherKeeper got busy
helplessly trying to resurrect all the plants
the week after . . .
TheOtherKeeper has to carry the plants
back and forth like a madwoman
the whole Christmas week!

The dancing trees Yvon and Chicky
. . . were as sturdy as ever
even if the workers stepped on their branches
so they did not get bothered as much as the other plants.

Keeper got busy watching over us.
Just imagine having strange people
working and walking around Heaven
and add to that,
there was blasting holiday firecrackers
which made us ran back and forth
and Keeper got her hands full.

Keeper gave us two baths too.
One to shampoo and condition dusty furs
and the other to heal allergies
which made my furs look "out of tune"
according to my silly Keeper.

Now you know why I missed all the chats.
Which reminds me, I don't visit YM
since there is a chat box in the YahooMail.
Or haven't you noticed?
I mean, I accidentally visited YM
and there was all these messages
archived and collecting dust
beyond Yahoo's allowable one-month
and I wonder, since with Twitter et al,
who would open YM anymore?

Duh, I do.
I have no messages though.

Hey, who asked you, Bogart?
Bogart, you don't do chats.
You don't YM like ever.
All you do is sniff and bark
at everything that moves in the PC!
And worse, you pee when Keeper is not looking!
Well, now you know why Bogart does not chat.

Anydawg, to sharp-eyed Bijou
who texted this question last month at YM
yes, you're right.
The red rocking chair is missing one back leg:
The reason:
Keeper once carried Popsy Sumo
to sit on her lap on this chair
when it creaked and thumped
from all that weight
and before you know it
the back leg is gone!

And to Wolfgang from UK:
yes, the HoundsInHeaven calendar below . . .
which I drooly designed is free
but you have to print them yourself.
It looks good on A4 glossy photo paper
and it takes only 3 sheets to print
that is, if you don't include the cover and back
which takes one full sheet.
Total of 4 sheets in all!
I forwarded it to your eMail already.

And since I was able to open my mails only today
I got hit with happy and sad news.
First the good news.
Happy of SerendipityPark got my calendars already!
It took only a week as the Postman promised!
And my beloved Cookie, my drooly gurlfriend is back!
Oh, I truly miss you, Cookie!

And now the sad news . . .
Our friend Ziggy died last weekend.
Ziggy is Pedro's playmate.
Pedro is one of my dearest friend from the USA.
It seems Ziggy had cancer.
It came too fast before anybody could do anything.
I even promised to send healing prayers
but when I looked today, Ziggy's gone . . .

Oh, Pedro!
I hope your Mom and everybody in your house
will find comfort with all the prayers
and good wishes sent by all your friends.
I hope you'll be comforted by the thought
that Ziggy is now running free from pain
and running wild and happy
with all your friends in the Rainbow Bridge
like my late Mumsy Pica whose birth anniversary
we celebrated quietly last January 1.
No, we did not forget, Berto.
Ka Berto wrote Popsy to remind us.
We will always remember my Mumsy
and we will never forget her and all our friends
who came and left and now are playing
and happily waiting for us
at the RainbowBridge . . .

I am sure Ziggy, the other Bogart and Charlie,
and all those who left us recently
are safe and pain-free somewhere.
But even if they are, I sorely miss them.
And remembering makes me sad . . .


  1. It's okay, Sweepy, dear. I'm here to be sad with you.

    Snuggly Bum Sniggles!

  2. Hello Sweepy! Thank you so much for the lovely calendar! LS and I love it!

    Looks like you've been keeping very busy there.

  3. Hi, Sweepy!
    Lots of things to talk about, right?
    I got your card today! Thanks a lot!
    Restricted Area??? Haaa! Good one!
    I am very sad to about Ziggy!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs


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