The Hot Hat Tale, etc. etc. (Updated!)

Before anything
thank you for enjoying my Christmas tale
in my previous post.
It was supposed to be a tale.
You're not supposed to take it seriously
but apparently some hotblood hoomans did
and now filed a protest!

Keeper protested that the black hounds
did just as well with The Hat.
Keeper said The Hat in my drooly story
was worn by everybody in our house Heaven
with drooly success. Ho-hum.
And Keeper won't take this sitting down.
What's wrong with that woman!

Keeper presented her evidence:

Keeper said TheHat fit Popsy Sumo too.
Keeper said Popsy looked handsome in it!
Now if you have a wild-looking beast
panting down at you if you as much as utter a protest
you simply roll your eyes and dump your tail.

Noted, Keeper.
It is just a story, FBOL!

But Keeper won't let up.
She said Bogart looked good in TheHat too!
Keeper said the Bee agrees too!

Oh, you mean the Preacher, Keeper?
The one with the now missing hand? Yee-haw!

Keeper said she looked OK in TheHat too.
But I think this has got to stop.
Keeper, it is just a story!

Anydawg, last I heard,
Spiderpie wants to present his case too
and there's Cricket and probably Frogsky
and other barkingoutloudsillycharacters
who can't get it in their silly head that
It is just plain, drooly fiction!

And since I wrote it
I can demand who will be the hero,
the villain, the stunts,
the scenario, the ending. Period.

And since it is also a contest
to the first one who will bark out loud
and guess who is the SuperDog in the story
will get the drooly Hat.
Er, I mean a drooly prize.
And guess drooly what,
my winners validated the story for me!
They guessed correctly that I AM the SuperDog!

So without further drools
let me announce the winners:

Happy of SerendipityPark
who emailed the correct guess first!


Lorenza from Mexico
who first guessed correctly on my blog!

Oh congratulations furries!!!!
It was soooo difficult and you guessed right!
What lucky smart furries you are!
I will mail you my surprise gift asap!

And now I would like to thank everybody
who sent us their Howliday greetings
which Keeper immediately pasted on this folio:

Keeper filed it in a neat folio this year
because she is an OC woman
who gets harassed when so many pending things
are filing up on her dusty work table.
And there ARE so many PendingStuff, woof!

Now my job is to keep tab of all cards received
which I have to acknowledge by email
and hand out howliday envelopes to all delivery peeps!
(their number seem to be growing each year!)

I get sleepy in between licking the cards
and watching my big, black brother Bogart . . .
. . . sleep and sunbathe at the same time!
Watch the snoring black monster!

Anydawg, here are some of the cards sent to us.
I am sorry if I can not include the pictures of all the cards
since the OC Keeper pasted them and did not take shots . . .
but I am extremely proud and happy to receive them
and here's my pawsome THANK-YOUs to all howliday senders -

from the USA: GrammiesK9 Moco, Foley, Dawson, Dozer, Dottie, Cooper, Nancy, the fiesty three Indiana, Shingo, Molly, and Cheryl, Sugar the RockstarPooch, the battery-powered-dog Hoover, Stella and the leader dog Willow, Penny Sprague and Velcro, Kirby the airedale, Mason Dixie and Elizabeth, the superPup Lois Lane, Elizabeth and Luna, Tibby of TibbyTales, a wienerDog Twix Nolan, Mona Ricca the TexasDachsies, the big and small world of of SuperCats JB, Chester, CB, Armani, Gaia and Deb, Asta of NY, Lily of the Valley, orphan Buddy, wonder Ruby and Michele, the cute Olive from Texas, a shetland sheepdog Romeo and Michelle, bichonKing Fred, Charlie the golden retriever, Coco the Princess, Lady Godiva and Truffle, Browny from NY, Abbey, Maya, Scooter and Stephanie of Florida, the golden Sierra Rose and Kristin, Pedro the cheche and Ziggy, Keeley and Teagan from Milwaukee, Tucker and Daisy, Scout and Freyja, Rocky, Bear, Angel Lacylulu and their hooman Claudette who is always in our healing prayer, the bark a lot Crikit, Sparky and Ginger, Comet and Blu from Arizona, the magic sleigh dogs Kira and Scampi, and the wirewise Lenny Latshaw, the fashionable Elle and Coco and Colby, the cutest Meg and Tobey, the pugalicious Harry, Midi and Heather, superDogHelper Elizabeth G, Narra, Rosseau, Tuchuck, Jacks, Tiger and Callie, the serpent Alibaba, cats Tupsy and Tripsy , Melon and AbbyGale, Dexter and Simon, Melanie and John . . . from Canada: Sheltie-Hair Dayna, Gio and Romeo, the boxer Chef, Bolo the sharpei, hoomans Simon, Joyen, sunshine and mud puddles Clover and Chewy, the mini dachshund Ruby and Penny
from Australia: Leuradales Noah Willow Tess & Lucy, Master Benson, Miss Opy and Angel Charlie, Ailsa and Brodie, Hammer, Hobson, Rose, Charlamayne, Hallmark, Sam, Beaver, Angel Khomet, and Susan who is still looking for Beau, hoomans Angel and Annie . . .
From Switzerland: Faya and Dyos, Nicholas and Lori, Werner and his pugs.
From England and UK: Simba and Jazzi, Ludo and Dee Lovegrove, terriers Molly, Taffy and Monty, Ginger Jasper Pugh, Joey and Kitty, Patrick alone, Missy Cath, Valerie and her girls, Liza and Larry and their boys Brian, Kieran and Timmy!

From Spain: Lucre Arras and Gaucho Tibetano, Laura and Chloe, Leonore and St. Leonard, Pocholo and Buster!

Lorenza from Mexico, Aditi and Rufus from India, Paco, Milo, Maya and Simona from Italy, Bajas, Virus and Poirot from Norway, Kingsley the King and Robin from The Netherland, Nottie Scottie, Happy and LS, from Malaysia, Johann the dog, and the Musketeers Lady, Zena, Cody and Joyce from Singapore! And from the Philippines - Teddy and his hounds, Johnny and Tuttie-Fruttie, DrJ, Dawgy, my gurlfriends Stef, Jill, Kate, Elizabeth, Maxine and family and our Kap Solidum including slurpy treats from the Greenwoods Pet Clinic . . .

Lookit! Popsy has his paws on all treats!

Bogart woke up from his nap . . .

and did not stop chewing . . .

I ate daintily . . .

. . . enjoying every tasty morsel given by our favorite peeps:
DrGeoff and my girlfriend Happy, and their loveable furries:
Trudis, Moymoy, Jappy, Woody and Scarlet who will soon have her wheelies!!!!

WoofDated January 15, 2010: Rushing to the Heaven's MailBox:

Addie, Lucie and Hailey from FortWorth, Jake and Just Harry from Florida and Randi the Lab/NewF from California, USA!!!! And Dino and Ashley from Taiwan, Republic of China!!!

Thank you all so much! I Heart you all!

If I forgot to mention anybody, it is the fault of Bogart
who always distract me from my task!

Oh, Starry starry night . . .
the stars are shining brightly . . .

. . . and while we fuss and fight
and hug to keep the noisy firecrackers at bay
and I tirelessly sweep and scratch my allergies
and lick Bogart's yummy-smelling black furs
I think of all of you . . . all who love and heal . . .
all who took the burden and energy to hug animals
and take all our causes to heart . . .
. . . all who cared and loved animals like us
may the shining star of 2010
shine forever in your kind heart
may the moon's peaceful glow envelope you
may the healing sun surround you . . .

and may you all bask in my drooly power
to love and heal broken hearts and whiskers,
hurting paws, tails and fluffy bodies
as I wish you all the best of 2010
and the best bloggers of the animal kingdom!

May the force be with you!!!!

from your SuperDog Sweepy and the Hounds in Heaven:
Sumo, Angel Pica, Bogart, MrLeach, Troy, Frogsky, Spiderpie, Catsky, Birdsky, our trees Yvon and Chicky, our blooms Lacylulu, Khomet, Brooke, Adi, Bugsy and Malone, and my ever-dependable but noisy cast of thousands & our Keepers Lui, Luchie and Loyd

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  1. Hi, Sweepy!
    My mean mailman is behaving bad again!
    I have not gotten many cards yet!
    I wish you all the best this 2010!
    Kisses and hugs


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