Bogart is . . . Not Available

That's exactly what I told everybody.
Everydroolybody in the chat room
wanted to know how my big bro is doing.

Well, it sounded like an episode
straight from a boring telenovela.
That's what we call television soap here.

Anydawg, one drooly day,
my BIG black brother Bogart
got bored and found the kibbles bin.

Yeah, Bogart got to the container
and started eating everything inside!
I was so scared to join the fray
lest Keeper find us and suspend me
from my wifi life . . . again.

. . . and yeah, I was afraid for Bogart.
I mean the bloke was not contented
until he can lick the whole bin clean!
Bogart got his head stuck inside the bin
that for a moment I thought the beast
is going to die from lack of oxygen!

I tried to remember what my training taught me:

Rule of 3:
3 minutes no air, you're DEAD!
3 days no water, you're DEAD!
30 days no food, you're dead!!!

Hey wait a minute!
I can't live for a day without food and water!
I'll be DEAD in 3 minutes without any of it!
Now I remember why I got kicked out of training.
I protested the Rule of 3 and got expelled
for being stubborn, highly opinionated
and plain disobedient.
Fine. Forget training.

Anydawg, where was I?
. . . there goes the big black thing stuck inside the bin!

Yeah, pretty dumb.
After 3 minutes this is how Bogart looked:
Cat got your tongue, bigB? Heehaw!

. . . and after more 3 minutes he looked like this:

Bogart was kibbled
he was practically a goner.
I mean you can't finish off the kibbles
after you had a bowlful of rice and meat!
Add to that all the Yogurt my Cookie love sent
to bribe him to stay out of my Valentines date.
. . . and that look says it all.
Bogart was stuck for life!
And there goes my Valentines date.

That's the sad fact of Eating.
You can't have anything.
All at once.

So, the translator and flower dog
went on sabbatical . . .
to mull his drooly fate
hoping the harsh Sun
will help comfort the ragings
of his drooly stomach!

So instead of watching the flowers . . .
. . .the flowers are watching over Bogart!

Of course, when that happens
who will watch over the flowers?

. . . you guessed it right, Abacus!
It's Drooly grumpy ME!

I have also taken over Bogart's translator chores.
I translated Cougar, Beatnik, Ka Berto . . .
but my Popsy Sumo won't let me translate his angst.
Well, you can't have everything.

. . . this may take sometime . . .
and Keeper went over her healing powers
healing bum stomachs,
healing angry weather,
healing broken whiskers,
healing dry earth and burned trees,
healing sad people and drying some tears,
and maybe,
sooner than soon,
heal my broken heart as well.

I'm sure my time will come . . .

Hey Keeper, did you replenish the kibble's bin?

1 comment:

  1. Looks like Bogart had a kibble feast!
    I hope he is doing well!
    Finding the kibble container and eat it until the end... would be my best wish! But I am not so lucky!
    Kisses and hugs


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