Another Woofy Wednesday . . .

Wednesdays are Woofless days.
You find your corner
and goof off.

some Wednesdays are not.
Take it from this SupahDawg.
You think you get your usual Wednesdays
and instead,
you get this:

Hi, Sweefifi! Hi hi hi.

This sounds like some sort of a chuckle.
Like some sort of shy laughter.
Like some sort of sweetened sarcasm.
Methinks, whoever or whatever this is
is probably a BIG JOKE.

Hey, I'm not a joke.
I'm Cat, the tiger.
Hi hi hi.

Now I know.
This whoever is indeed
And if you see one in your horizon
pretend you don't care.
Close your eyes shut.
Pretend you're in dreamland.
Pretend you're dead.
Pretend anything except that you're awake
and about to get the worst Wednesday
of your drooly life!

Ohhh, Sweepy!
You smell like a baby!

MrLeach is right.

I read it on the AniMallTabloid!

That leech wrote that on the gossip news?!!!
Oh, drat!
My reputation is ruined!

MrLeach told everybeing about it.

He said you smell like a baby because you use baby shampoo.
MrLeach said you use human shampoo now because you had dry skin from frequent shampooing.
MrLeach also said . . .

Why, if I see that leech again
I'll powderize him and . . .

Ohhh, and you taste like a baby too, Sweepy!
I kissed a baby once and almost got killed by a Mom!

Tigers have awful reputations.

We are really sweet creatures.

. . . and we love to kiss and hug
. . .
and sleep on fuzzy, sweet-smelling dogsy.
Ahhhh, I can sleep here all week!

. . . and I am definitely staying here for good!

Now, where's the rat?

In Another Part of Heaven . . .
a Woofless Wednesday sequel

Hi y'all!
My name is Moo.

I am Moo, the cow. Rock it!

And this is SuMoo:
Haha, the moo dog.
Rock it!

Ah, this is life!
Black, shiny, wild, and . . .

. . . hey, Sumo!
Don't bite me off!
Helpy! Anybody, help!

End of Moo Episode.

And now back to -

The Cat and Sweepy Episode

Hi! You're back! Hihi!
I really enjoyed being here in Heaven.
I think I am staying here

Uh, Keeper?
Keeper, where are you?
Popsy, help!
Somebody help me . . .
there's a cat invading my wednesday . . .


  1. Hi, Sweepy!
    I can see a stuffy invasion in your heaven!
    They are cute... but I can see they are disturbing your relaxing days!
    I hope everything goes well!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Invasion of the purring kind :-)


Go Ahead And Bark Away!