I Am In The Dark

I am in that period
between the darkness of confusion
and the lightness of being.

Yes, I took a bath.
Yes, my curtains took a bath too.
But my foggy brain, my eyes, my nose,
my floppy ears are completely . . .

. . . and this starts my hooha this week . . .

Now look Ashley!
This is . . .


And now woofy . . .

You can edit all you want
but it does not change the fact
that I am still in the dark.

And this is another Dark, Ashley:
My Popsy was all dark
until old age crept in
and before ya know it
white furs began sprouting on his black face
and ka-blam! White on Dark!

And this Dark ka-blam
is what is keeping me
in the dark.

Visual Contrast
Yes of course I know I do not look like my Popsy
simply because I look like my Mumsy.
But looks has nothing to do
when the contrast is much more
than drooly looks and color.

Yes you can be friends with your pawrents.
But it does not follow that your pawrents
want to be friends with you.

Here's another before-after scene:
When I want to play with my Popsy
he looks the other way.
When Popsy runs after trespassers,
. . . and we have them all the time:
bugs, birds, cats, bees, dried leaves,
the bill messenger who tries to sneak stuff in the mailbox
which is 'trespassing' in my book,
kids who love to steal fruits from our trees,
old ladies who get clippings of our plants,
etc. etc. . . .
I try to run with Popsy
but Popsy does not want me
to have anything to do with his play.

So now Ashley ask me:

Give Me Flowers

And now Amy wants me to splash out color!

But Popsy enters my scene
and tries to eat the flower . . .
which will make Keeper angry
and put the blame on me!

So now I wonder . . .. . . is there a way I can play with my Popsy?
Do hoomans have pawrent prob like mine?

There are no conflicts that can not be resolved.
And this is my musing for Lisa of:

Do not imagine that there is only one way in or out of anything.

Because if you look drooly hard enough
you will find several light
at the tip of your macro armpit!

Your loved ones love you
even if they don't want to play with you all the time.

They do care for you even if at times
they simply want you out of their way . . .

. . . so when times are hard
you either live with it
or make it live with you.

Try to stay out of the dark
or the dark will consume you drooly.

And with that I end my drooly
once-a-week barkings.
Have faith people.


  1. Wonderful work...
    Have a great Sunday!

  2. Great shots! Your dogs are so cute!

  3. naku, matalinhaga ang mga sinasabi mo sweepy! natanggap namin ang mga regalo ninyo sa Animal Doc at Secretary...ang ganda! lagi ko na kayo makikita hehehe! maraming salamat ha!

    bagay kay popsy sumo mo ang salt and pepper look ng muzzle nya...nalulungkot ako na wala ka kalaro, hope i can be there para mag "habulan" tayo sa wheelchair ko.

    salamat sa pag banggit na lumabas ako sa matanglawin :)

    ang iyong kaibigan, Scarlet

  4. Love the first shot of the dog with the flower--great interpretation of the theme!

  5. I love these Lui!
    I think Sweepy is the most photographed dog I know, and I think he loves it!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great day Sweepy!


  6. Sweep,

    Love the pictures of you and Popsy!


  7. Love this post Sweepy! You have such insight!
    AND you are very handsome!

  8. i am in love with that visual contrast shot!

  9. LOVE your selective coloring this week, Sweepy! ;)


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