Super Great and Crazy week!

My week looked exactly like this.
All dried up and panting from 36 degrees heat,
and barely able to be anything super.

And then the mailman came
and my Popsy Sumo got to him first!
The package came from the GreenwoodsTeam
which is the animal doctor himself, DrGeoff
and his secretary/wife/animal rescuer Happy
who is also one of my hooman gurlfriends.
(FYI: I have 7 GFs: 1 dog, 6 humans)

DrGeoff and Happy sent us tablets
for our periodic deworming
which dogs are supposed to have quarterly
but Keeper forgot to do since last year.
Because of that, whatever worms I have by now,
must be MACRO cobras inside my tum-tum
eating all the food inside my tum-tum.
No wonder I am always hungry!

So thank you Greenwoods team
for making sure that's not gonna happen!
The Greenwoods team are also great heroes
because they save and rescue animals too
which our local TV featured this Sunday:
The Greenwoods team adopted Scarlett
and raised funds to get her a wheelchair
so Scarlett can walk and exercise her limbs!
Ten paws up, Greenwoods team!
And Scarlett, you look woofy great on TV!

And here are more paws up
for my weekly challenges
beginning with Ashley's

No edits, no drools, no paw marks, no anything.
Perfect also for Jan's SOOC.
The only thing you see are my 'hot spots', Jan,
which came from dust, drool, pee marks
which got stuck on my furs and dried up.
So much for being super.

Isn't It Ironic?
This is called Roaching.
Roaching is crucial for animals like us.
It relives us from boredom,
helps massage our backs,
cools our tum-tums,
gives us another view of the world
(the hoomans look better when viewed upside down)
plus, when you do it,
the hoomans rush to pet you
thinking you need attention.

This is not lazy or roaching.
This is called Doga or yoga for drooly dogs.
You gulp air like there's no tomorrow
and expel it out, together with bad breath
bad energies, bad thoughts, bad whatever
and you're supposed to feel good.
Me, I feel sleepy during Doga
which is a good thing.
You freeze your move and nap.
Perfect supermultitask.
And in case you wanted to see a combination
of dog and hooman doing doga/yoga:

Smells like Spring
It also smells of winter and summer
fall, stay, run, all rolled into one.
I am actually guarding Keeper's spider lair.
And this is what you see in there:

Not only spiders sprout from that junk.
There are also trapped dead flies
millions of webs, dust, and somebody's drool.

And here's for Amy of

Here you go, Amy:
My purrfectly slashed out self.

And for Lisa of
here are my old photographs with my late Mumsy Pica:
I snuggled with my Mumsy in her small crate bed
which she liked because it made her warm.
My Mumsy had me when she was 11 yo
which is the period when dogs are about to retire
but my Mumsy was just starting her family!
Happy Mumsy day everyone!

And here's something for all of you:
. . . something cheesy, something sweet, and something red.
I ate them all for you! Yum yum.

And if my week started hot and dry
this Sunday I woke up with a storm!
Storm Bebeng sent rains and strong winds
and as I drool it is signal no.1 in Heaven!

The world's gone mad, Petrocelli!
Go hug your hoomans!
. . . 'cause she's all you got!


  1. Another great week Sweepy - I love that you took a picture with your human!

  2. Pawesome post, Sweepy!
    Have a great week!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Great pictures. You sure had a busy week!


  4. Sweepy, you beat me again!
    Btw, your gurlfriend received your package and the printer just sent me your bill! And you still owe somebody a portrait.

  5. Great photos! I especially like the one of Sweepy and his human!

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange

    Have a wonderful evening!


  6. loving those great dog moves sweepy! reminds me a bit of my girl willow.

  7. I'm crazy about the bandana photo! Very creative and BEAUTIFUL.

  8. Great post, Sweepy! You were a very cute baby!


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