Something Ruptured!

Woofsy hullo!
As you can see
I am so alive.
No, there was no rapture.
At least where I am drooly coming from.

I woke up this dawn
and felt dizzy.
And whaddya know
there was an earthquake!
Now that's a rupture, not rapture.

Keeper checked on us right away.
Keeper was all MsWorry all week
because there is a tropical depression
drooly named Chedeng heading our way.
And then there was the rapture buzz,
and then there was the usual
tropical depression.
You live in a tropical place
and you get depressed.
If you're lucky you only get sunburn
and furburn and nosedry and tailgone!

I can't understand it really. I mean:
How do people know when the world is coming to an end?

Answer: Numbers.
People add things up and voila!
You get the arithmetic.
Okay so: 5+21+2011 = 2037 = 12 = 3

Hey people, 3 is not anywhere END.
End is 9.
So if I drooly compute . . .
hmmm . . .
. . . lemme see . . .

. . . okay, got it!
9 is on Friday
which is also when the moon fades out
and you don't see it anywhere!

Well . . .
oh-oh . . .
Er, where will you woofy be on Friday?

Whaddya mean you have workshop?
Whaddya mean you're having ingress?
Woof, ingress sounds drooly like exiting somewhere.
That sounds like Keeper is exiting
and exiting means leaving
and leaving is ending
and ending is 9 on a friday!


I better get a move on . . .
and start my challenges right away
before I go packing for somewhere . . .

Yupsy, Ashley. That's my Popsy.
Popsy Sumo is my passion.
My passion is to get him near me.

They say that music brings people together.
Now if that works with people
it should work for animals too.
Hey Popsy, do you like my playlist?

The dark sleeping beauty is a beast.
But for Keeper, that beast is a work of art.
But the real beauty is the golden pup
guarding the sleeping beast
even if the sleeping beast is snubbing him.
Magnanimity is inner beauty.
Mark my drool, people.

That could be my place called Heaven.
Now when Keeper goes into her wash period
Keeper recycles her soapy tub
by washing all of Heaven with it
removing our precious drools and pee marks.
Oh, why can't people understand
how important it is for animals
to leave our scents and marks
on our territory?!!

I am all Sharp.
I can sense anything 40 feet under, over and through.
Which is why I can detect Keeper's movements
anywhere around Heaven.
Which is also why
my favorite place is the Kitchen
at the back of Heaven
with all the aroma
and hopefully
Keeper with our bowls!

I can sharply sense everything.

And when somebody leaves . . .
I can sharply detect it as well.
And that can sharply pierce my aching heart.
Oh, why does he leave!

But miracles come in the form of Keeper
because lookit, Amy!

Keeper got tired of this cat and mouse game
because we're neither cat or mouse
and since we're both dogs
and we're father and son dogs
Keeper passed a decree:
"Thou shalt keep the family together at all cost
or suffer the penalty of zero treats all week"
"Settle your issues now na!" barks Keeper.
Look how miserable Popsy looks!

Now that's purrfect for Amy's

And at the end of the day
and at the end of the journey
lies the Superdog:
Superdog Drool:
There is no greater journey
than being with the one you love.

And that is pure rapture!
And it does not signal the end of the world
because it is the beginning
and the essence of your whole world.

And that's for Lisa of:


  1. Great shots Sweepy - I especially like the last one!

  2. Woof, my love.
    You're doing the numerology again.
    But no, you got it wrong.
    I'll be home on Friday with your treat.
    Stop worrying.

  3. It is always so much fun when Sweepy links up at Creative Exchange!!!

    Thank you for doing so. These are great photographs!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  4. sweepy I love the last shot of you!

  5. Awww, that last shot is fabulous! I love it here, hilarious! Especially that following collage you made-awwwwesome ;)

  6. I agree with Ashley. The last shot is the best!

  7. Wonderful post Sweepy! I love the shot of you and your Popsy!

  8. Fun C.E. entry! Love the sweet dog at the end of the lane. Dogs are the best!

  9. I agree... with several other people... the last one is the best! And I hope you all stay safe with the tropical depression headed your way.


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