Hot Rainy Drooly June

And when its hot
you go naked and sleep!

But since I bark only once a week
I need to be up and about . . .

. . . well, almost . . .

. . . drooly trying . . .

. . . tried . . .

and failed.


Doggy Break
22 seconds

. . . and my creative nap for another Lisa

and my creative drooly wise words for all Lisas:
"let sleeping dogs take their drooly nap undisturbed"

After 22 drooly seconds . . .

Yesterday was Drawing Day.
Well, if you must drooly know
I am a drawing dog.

I am also doing our postcard for Kat:

Yes, Kat. I am de real woofy creatif here!
Just so you drooly know.

Keeper tried to document it
but really now
who wants all that woofy attention?
And before I drooly know it
Oprah and Ellen will invite me over for interviews.
And before I know it
I will be a celebridog
which I am anydawg
more hoomans will swarm all over me

So I'll just settle for SuperDog.
No studio interviews.
No photoshoots.
No non-stop film series.
Just my doggone blog.
Then I can have my nap 24/7.

But not before I do my challenges . . .
Ashley always wanted 5 shots
and what Ashley wants
Ashley drooly gets!

I get the papers first thing in the morning.
I check if I am in the headline.
And when I'm not, I sneeze at them news
crinkle my nose and bark at the hoomans!
No HOT news today, Keeper!
And when there's no hot news
you take another hot nap . . .

My drooly nap massaged by a beaded hooman.

Hot Hot HOT
Who else but my Popsy and I, the hot hounds in heaven!

One of our chores is to protect Heaven from any trespassers.
The strategy is to walk beside each other . . .
which guarantees superb security
since you also back each other up
which also guarantees butt butt and tail butt.
I bark for alarm and Popsy runs like a mad dog!

The next picture may be considered indecent exposure
to some drooly hoomans so please skip it if you must.

Find the form of de golden supah dog
and forget the form he leaves behind!
And that ends my shots for Ashley . . .

And the end of my superwatchchore
is my contribution for Amy:

And when the weather gets superHOT
I order rain from Keeper:
. . . and she washes all of Heaven including us!


  1. Looks like we've got something in common - both of us need a nap in this heat!

  2. Awww, Sweepy does look tired. The heat can be so tough on them. Hopefully it is cooler there now, and Sweepy is feeling more energetic!

    Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great (cool) day!!


  3. Awww. So sweet.

  4. It's hot here, too! I'm just glad to have AC in my office and at home.

    Great selective coloring, as usual! :)


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