Hot, Rainy, Humid June!

So before I lose my sanity
I am going to jump into my challenges right away!

For Ashley's ScavengerHuntSunday . . .
Woof! I lost my images, Ashley
so I am just drooly linking:

I don't know what it means and since my camera is on timer mode I guess it means I expose my drooly self longer and drool more. Now I wonder how long I can keep this pose.

My loverly rubber mat. Now, here's a problem: If you take it out of yer house you have to drooly solve it. Which brings me to . . .
. . . purrfect for Quotography except that I do not know where to drooly link it to. Y'see, our young dork Dwight was at work in our old drooly PC and the kid lost all my drooly link guides. Keeper lost all her projects on queue. Ooopsy. And Popsy lost his pictures and sanity. Now if this post has audio you can hear Keeper's frantic voice shouting all over Heaven!

. . . my loverly green collar and my drooly mat again, this time solved by a nagging hooman: "Sweepeeee, ya can't play with yer mat! Ya can't chew them to bits! Ya lost a piece!" yak yak yak . . .
. . . methinks I am getting carried away with drooly quotes and I don't even know where to link it. Drooly what.

. . . our loverly avocado from Yvon (avocado tree) with her first harvest. But remember this, Pusa. Avocados are bad for dogs especially one with a drooly PC. This is also purrfect for Amy of ColorSplashSunday.

. . . my loverly nap time with my late Mumsy. And my favorite but blurry shot of my family with Keeper taken by our former cleaning lady Myrna using instamatic camera in 2003 when I turned 1 year old:

. . . and this one for Lisa of MacroMonday.

And lastly, for Lisa of TheCreativeExchange:

. . . and with that I end my weekly barkings . . .
Hasta la vista mes amis!


  1. Good job Sweepy - I like your shot with the puzzle pieces.

  2. I loved your post!
    Have a great week, Sweepy!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Just got your postcard last night. Super great, S! Tnx!

  4. These are wonderful Sweepy, and what a great post!

    Thank you so much for linking up this week at The Creative Exchange.


  5. What a nice post Sweepy! You are such a handsome dog - i love your photos. Keep cool now!

  6. Sorry you can't enjoy some yummy avocado, Sweepy! Just keep taking photos. ;)


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