The End of The Oh-Ghost Month . . .

Oh no!

My greatest FEAR!
Lurking in front of me . . .
KEEPER, help!
It comes in different colors
and ever since I was a puppy
this very thing scares me like mad!
And now, I am surrounded by it!
I must escape from it
before it covers me forever!
. . . and there goes de Superdog
with his tail on his back!

Now I better hurry up and do my hunt for Ashley!

My Popsy is old and that makes me new.
That's the trick for staying young: stay close to those older than you! Ha!

I really hate it when people sneak up on you when you're sleeping but y'see, Keeper sneaks up on me a lot and cuddle her silly frame even in the dead of night!

Keeper does it even in the middle of the day too!
Keeper said she can't control herself
whenever she sees me sleeping
so she snuggle herself in and hug me.

And look at Popsy:
Nobody can dare snuggle in and hug that beast except Keeper!
And when Popsy snores it is like MUSIC to ma ears.
Now maybe I should record Popsy's snoring someday
and possibly make it a soundtrack for the next vampire movie.
Nya nya nya.

Nope, this is not made of cheese. It is made of soya. It is Keeper's favorite energy drink. The one holding it is 'cheesy' for making me witness all this and not share it. Hey, I drink soya too, y'know!

And this Sunday, inspite of the rainy and windy week brought by typhoon Mina, the sun came out and I'm out looking for my Popsy . . .

And there he is!
Now this scene makes Keeper go crazy.
She thinks Popsy might pounce on me
because my pop is kindda grumpy.
He hates it when you bump into him.

And last Friday was
National Dog Day!
I bet you have not heard of it.

Well, Colleen Paige, an author and animal behaviorist, has decided to dedicate a day to celebrate all types of dogs especially the homeless ones and make people aware of their plight. Well, this Superdog has been working round-the-clock too, Colleen, (well, except when I'm sleeping and playing with my Popsy) and I bark for every strays I see and hungry dogs (we even feed dogs owned by other people when these dogs bark in hunger!) and Keeper runs after abusive animal owners which always gets her into trouble!

"Dogs put their lives on the line every day - for their law enforcement partner, for their blind companion, for a child who is disabled, for our freedom and safety by detecting bombs and drugs and pulling victims of tragedy from wreckage" - Colleen Paige

And this dog joins all the dogs all over the world
especially when the hoomans in my island
is celebrating National Heroes Day today!
We Are Heroes too, people!
And in our furry eyes you are ours!
And that's for you, Liza
and all animal lovers around the world!


  1. Bless your little heart - that umbrella is scary!

  2. Love the post!! Sweepy you make me laugh!

  3. LOL! I love the last shot!

    I must agree that the umbrella looks scary.

  4. You are adorable Sweepy, and you know what? I have 2 little ones who are absolutely petrified of umbrellas. They bark and growl at them, but if the umbrella moves just a bit, they are outta there!

    Thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful day!


  5. I don't see how Keeper can help herself, Sweepy - I'd have to sneak up and cuddle you too!
    I can't leave a comment on Lui's blog, but I want her to know that I love her postcard design!
    Hugs to you and Sumo, Sweepy!


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