The Drooly BER Month

It is BER already.
The BER months in my island.
Oh you know what I drooly bark every year
septemBER, decemBER, you get the drift . . .

And BER months mean more work:
calendars, cards, costumes, cards, crafts, cards . . .
and Ashley wants MACRO so here you go:
. . . macro snooze . . . ZzZzZz. . .

There are so many ways to do MACRO SLEEP:
Sleeping while standing and trying to look alert


Sleeping but actually alert.
Well somewhat.

. . . and in case you wanted my Macro Sleeping Paw:
My whole body mastered the Art of Sleeping.
I give free tutorials just bark out loud if you need one.

Now Ashley wants Abstract.
And here is my Abstract painting
made on an old ceramic calendar
which Keeper recycled for my pawtings.
This week, Keeper wanted me to redo this painting.
Something blue, something umber,
something uber blue someth. . . ing . . .
. . . abstract ZZZzzzzzzzz . . .

And here's sleeping on the job:
Keeper wanted to repair the old rocking chair.
If you noticed the broken legs were removed
and now it must be cleaned and repainted
in something aqua, something lemon,
. . . something zzzzzzzz . . .

Oh I know its the weather.
Oh I know its the new moon.
It is so new I can't hardly see it in the sky.

Now Ashley wants Clouds.
The last time I looked there was none.
And the rains pelted down my nose
which made me sleepy.

My Popsy Sumo said the clouds looked strange.
It hovers between rainy-what and sunny-who:
But I didn't see it
because I was totally cloudily ZZzzzzzz.

So when Ashley wanted Stairs
I asked Popsy to find me one
while I go and snooze:
Well, trust Popsy to put a mark on it as well!
You can't trust an old Alpha dog to just search.
Alpha dogs are trained to search, destroy
and mark anything they find.
Now Popsy just made a stairy, starry night!

Well, this week I have a great find for you.
It is an inspiring story of rescue.
The rescue of the senior dog Roadie
and Roadie's rescue of his human.
Sometimes you will never know that what you rescued
was actually sent to rescue you in turn.

Well, I was sent to rescue you all.
From life's boredom and drooly weather.
I am your superdoghero
if only I can keep my eyes open
and be on the lookout
for more great finds . . .

Okay, for some of you who wants to be a Hero
please help my friend Katya in Russia.
Katya performed for the Moscow Olympics
but now she is retired and needs proper care.
Please GO and sign the petition for Katya.
Hey you don't make a bear work all these years
and not give her a proper retirement!

Which reminds me, I have to remind Keeper of my retirement next year
when I turn drool 10 in March or 70yo in hooman years!
I hope to retire in an island filled with pillows . . .

"But that's what you and Sumo does most of the day, Sweepy!"

Oh stop it, Keeper!
I simply wanted to retire and have longer naps between meals.
I do get tired barking at animal abuses
and the reason I'm sleepy is because I lose sleep
when dogs in RainbowAvenue bark at me for help!
I think I should schedule another visit to the Village Chief.

So before I finally call it a day
here is my drooly SMILE
for creative people like Lisa:
May your creative exchanges bring creative changes!


  1. Ain't you cute this week, macro and all...

  2. Hey Sweepy.
    Love especially you macro face today, but am also immensely awed (or pawed) by your abstract painting abilities. Here's wishing you many zzzzzzz naps in the sun.

  3. Sweepy, you've done another great job with the scavenger hunt. Hope you have a great week!

  4. Love those pictures! Made me laugh. I like sleeping on the job. :D

  5. love them all, especially the smile!

  6. Great set! Someone looks dog tired:) Thank you for sharing and have a great day!

  7. I wish my dog was as laid-back as yours! I would also like to retire on an island filled with pillows...that would be delightful!

  8. LOL! I enjoy watching sleepy Sweepy! My Clifford even slept with a wooden rack in his mouth! You can see that photo today in Onenezz.

  9. Sweepy, you truly make Mondays so much brighter, and I thank you for that. Thank you also for sharing the story of Roadie. What a beautiful story it was.

    Finally thank you for linking up at The Creative Exchange today!!


  10. Sweepy, you left me smiling at your pictures and in tears after reading about Roadie and Katya. Hugs to you and Sumo.


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