Super S in September

I start this week with a question
from Samantha of Montessori.
Samantha wanted to know how I brush my teeth.
Well you're lucky, Samantha
because this week I had Teefies Attack.

And because of this
TheOtherKeeperLuchie has a new title:
DocChuchi, the fang caretaker.
Luchie said that my KeeperLui is not doing a good job
of keeping my beastly fangs, claws, and bushy tail in mint condition.
So Luchie decided to do my teeth,
my nails, my whatever!

"So up you go on the table, Sweepy"
ordered Luchie.

Woof! I better check Luchie's tools and see if she got some treats to entice me the way Keeper does it. Nada.

"Now let me see those teeth, Sweepy!"
barked Luchie.

And before I can bark 'NO' Luchie grabbed my fangs and scrubbed like crazy! It was totally humiliating. . . But I must admit, it felt so woofy good afterwards that my fangs sparkled like stars!
This should make Samantha happy!
This should make Sally happy too
because my toothbrush is all BLUE
even if its not on a Monday, Sally!

But lookit, Sally!
Guess whose fangs got scrubbed as well:
The black hound Sumo! My Popsy, my FATher. Nya nya nya!
Hey, how come I did not get a hug, Luchie?

And now with my clean teefies
I should sit and look cool
and wait for my treats?
Hmmm, looks like Luchie will not give a single treat!

I better go and hunt for Ashley's SHS
before she gets back from blogcation.

My Popsy Sumo and I make perfect statues with clean teefies.
When passersby stop in front of Heaven, we bark like crazy!

Hmmm, what to play? Toys or sumbody's slippers?

I chose Ratsky. The last time I chewed somebody's slip-on I got nagged ALL WEEK!
This shot is purrfect for Amy who should be back from her trip!

Remember my SupahSomethin, Ashley?
And guess where it will lead me?

Keeper, methinks my SuperS suit is gettin' tight!

The view from my chest!

And the view from my back:
Oh-oh, somebody is hitching a ride!
Keeper gave MrWormsy a new name.
I think I should get myself a new name too.
I should also get myself a new closet.
My stuff is stashed in Keeper's stuff!
I should also get new costumes.
It gets hard to choose what to wear for what event
because they are all RED!

It is never easy to fly
even with clean fangs, Lisa.
But the best thing about flying . . . is landing.

And the best thing about leaving
is coming home to Heaven
where I lie safe and loved.


  1. These are so cool! Your pup is a super STAR!

  2. So cute --- loved the commentary -- fun shots too! Great job!

  3. So cute! I love Flying High the best!

  4. every week I enjoy your photos!! love the super dog!

  5. Great series your dog is a cutie...

  6. This is such a cool post. Cute dogs.

  7. That flying high shot cracks me up - very creative!

  8. What a strange and interesting way/place to land!

  9. Sweepy you're a super dog. I love you're flight in the sky...

  10. You have lovely teeth Sweepy - Sumo too! I love the picture of you two watching the people go by. Lui had a beautiful birthday tribute to her sister today!

  11. Looks like it was a spa day for you Sweepy!!
    You make me smile!

    Thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!



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