The Black SuperDog

Yep, I'm back.
And yup I am Black.

I love wearing my black tees.
It makes me look like my Popsy.

And I love to sit beside TheOtherKeeper Luchie
and make her think I am Popsy Sumo!
Y'see my father gets a hug from Luchie all the time.
Me I only get a laugh.
What's with these people anyway.

Methinks those with golden furs have blah
while those in black furs have all the fun!
I should have my furs dyed black.

This week I worked with Keeper
doing all sorts of stuff.
We are super busy.
Well we were.

We made recycled art boxes . . .
which makes perfect cover for napping.
Well, I prefer sleeping in the dark, y'know.
I may be the only dog whose house have curtains!

Told ya.
I love to snuggle in the dim corner
hoping that somebody will cuddle inside.

And here's Popsy:
My father spreads his bulky self
all over his house to which
I am not allowed to enter

So where was I?
Keeper collects discarded whatnots
and fashion them into some notwhats.
Or whatever they call them.

Keeper is also trying to make me a new suit, Amy.
I hope she makes it in time for
Dog Day Sumthin in October
and Howl-O-Woof in November.

But nothing beats a break
in the middle of work, Lisa.
A break is the oasis in the middle of blah.
- from a dog guru

I really want to be creative, Lisa
but it gets pretty stuffy down here
especially when the weather goes

When it rains it is still hot.
After my bath I wanted to perspire, Ashley
but dogs don't perspire
so I rush to the nearest . . .

When I see water
I get thirsty right away!

"Sweepy, that's not your water bowl!
That water is for my art project!"

I have no choice but sit BEHIND my panting Popsy, Ashley.

When I look for Keeper to cool my furs
I only see Luchie

Yet guess where my Popsy goes in this heat?

Sunbathing in 36 degrees heat!
And it just drizzled a few minutes ago!

. . . is really all about waiting for the hoomans
to return from wherever
and trying to attract passersby
while I drool in my kerchief.

I Have None, Ashley.
I refused to go out and shoot the scene.
It was so hot and I hate umbrellas.
We have sudden rains too
and AGAIN I hate umbrellas.
Blah blah blah.
I Am Staying Put.

All these adventures are drooly dedicated to:

And don't woofy furgit:


  1. Sweepy,your house looks new, did you have it renovated? We miss you guys!

    moymoy and company

  2. Woof, Moymoy and the Greenwoods Team!

    Nope, not new but repainted. Keeper repaints them every year. I miss you drooly ;-)

  3. They are so cute! What great 4 legged models - behind totally made me giggle!

  4. Love your liquid shot too - that perspective is great.

  5. Hey Sweepy....you got a cute little bee-hind. I love seeing that close up of you drinking out of the art water. You always make me smile....thank you.

  6. Sweepy, as always, these are wonderful, and you do make me smile each oand every Monday. I especailly love the eighth photograph here. Your Keeper obviously loves you lots and lots!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful day!


  7. Sweepy, I think golden-haired dogs are beautiful. You look so comfortable in your house; the curtains are really nice. Hugs to all of you.!

  8. Good to see you again! I love your photos of your dogs and their pov. Thanks for the smiles.


  9. Welcome back to CSS, Sweepy! Love the shirt. :)


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