Merrily Merry Woof!


But Keeper said I should smile like Santa . . .

So here comes
Ho-Ho-Hee-Haw Part 2:
Drooly beard and woofy smiles!
Nya nya nya!

But Keeper said she's tired of the red suit.
But then de recycle queen Keeper
does not provide new suits
in the color and design that she wanted!
What's wrong with her anyway!

So with smarty dawgy maneuver
here is my draft design for our Holiday card, Lisa:

And again Keeper said she did not like it.
I do have a woofy Keeper
who is demanding
even on a no-budget production.
I am woofy harassed, Lisa.

So before this creative dog goes on pawtest
off I go to do my SHS on a Monday . . .

. . . ya better watchit . . . ya better watchout
ya better not sleep . . . zzzzzzz . . . .

. . . this is my other duty: to guard the drooly plants.
I have no idea why I have to do that
but just so you know life ain't easy for this Superdog!

. . . while working on my drooly cards!
My paws can do several colors in one sweep, Ashley!
And here's a candid Santadog:
. . . sleeping on the merrily merrily do!

And I say pawndo set
or fondue to hoomans
which I inherited from my late brother Bogart!
Purrfect for hoomans to surrender
those luscious treats
down my luscious throats!

I don't really know what this means.
But I am 1/3 of this picture
and 1/3 of this pic is drooly hooha
and in this drooly dog life
there is no rule.

And here is a lil story . . .
Last week I waited for Luchie
because last Satyerday was her bday
and I wanted to be part of her treat!
. . . and there goes the yellow lady . . .
and when she came back . . .
Woofy Cake and Ice Cream for me and Popsy!
. . . mine had to be prepared bite sized
in case I drooly choke!
Gone in seconds!

But here's my pinky gift for Luchie
. . . may your merry days be long, gentle and happy
and spent with your drooly pets for life!
Purrfect for Beverly's

And before I bid adieu . . .
. . . hope you got yer holiday cards alright
especially when ya get a woofy Keeper


  1. Oh Sweepy - I love your Santa costume.

  2. What a crack up! Looks like you have a great dog!!! You are very creative with all of these. Good Job!

  3. Okay, my momma LOVES your momma's fondue set! I love you in your costume too. So cute!

  4. Sooooo puppylicious, Doggies! I'd scavenger hunt with you guys any day!

  5. Soooo puppylicious! I'd scavenger hunt with you guys any day!


  6. Woof! Great costume! Yummy cake too but why are you holding crayons?

  7. Oh Sweepy! ^^ You are so drooly sweet!! And such a good cake you ate! My keeper don't give me any cakes.. --( But I don't know if I like cakes either.. ^^ She gives me other things to eat, as vet food.. some better than others....

    I don't have a Santa dress like you, lucky you Sweepy! ^^

    Drooly kisses from Pusa.. scratch scratch.. ^^
    (when I scratch I do like things!)

  8. Sweepy, you are definitely the most handsome Santa I have ever seen, and you have a beautiful smile! Thank you for making me smile too!! :-)

    Thank you also for being a part of The Creative Exchange this week.

    Have a good evening!

    lisa. xo

  9. Very cute, and Sweepy's comment on my blog made me laugh.

  10. Adorable shots, Sweepy! But you better not let anybody catch Santa sleeping on the job!

  11. These are priceless! Sweepy, you are so sweet ;)

  12. You are so funny! I always get a chuckle when I come to your site.
    Love your doggy cards.

  13. Super Sweepy! You look happy and great! Hugs!


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