Deck the December

. . . with a woofy Santa dog . . .
Time is Golden.
And my furs are golden.
So without further a-woof
my golden furs are all ready
for my photo challenges:

This is our old family portrait taken sometime in 2003 when I was a year old with my late Mumsy Pica on the right and my Popsy Sumo on the left with paws on Keeper's legs and me hugged by Keeper in the middle. Not much has changed.

And this is the complete shot with my late brother Bogart on the right who hates posing for photographs. This was a candid shot taken by our former housekeeper Myrna and is Keeper's favorite shot even if it is blurry.
It is good for both Portrait and Nostalgia.
And it talks about Time, and Motion and everything
that is Full of Life and now woofy gone . . .

But here's a good shot for
. . . with my late brother Bogart who loves to sing!

But that was then
and this is now . . .
There is only old me and my old father
watching and waiting and sleeping
as TIME slips by . . .

And talk of time
when I was always
Taken last December 2010.

And me in December 2011:
And Popsy this month:

And Keeper said I should not wear a beard
because I look like a comic on TV with my grumpy look:

And before I grumble further . . .
. . . Keeper gave me a massage!

But of course
I am

And I can make several MOTION
with my tongue, Ashley:
. . . woof the hounds with bowls of drooly . . .
lalalalala . . . la la la woof!

But Keeper said
the best portraits are those
when you are all smiles
and less grumpy . . .
. . . which is best done
by a perky 8 year Sandhya
who made my pawtrait:
I think I should start doing my adventures
on serial comic illustrations.
That way I will always look good
instead of sleepy and grumpy, Lisa!

. . . exactly like the card I made:
. . . purrfect for Lisa's

and before I woofy furgit
Happy Birthday
to Keeper's brother Joey!!!


  1. Cute! I love your take on portrait!

  2. Sweepy, you look great in Santa's outfit! I was just visiting this blog before I came here and saw a Xmas card link up. Sure they would love to see yours. Here is the address : http://www.mychosenchaos.com/2011/12/happy-holiblog-link-up.html

  3. Sweepy, you an amazing dog. Love you in your Santa's outfit.

  4. I love those Santa pics! Have a great Sunday!

  5. Oh Sweepy - you make a great Santa!

  6. What adorable pooches! Loved looking at their cute faces!

  7. Awwww what a sweet series of shots. I love the old gray faces. Its so sad that our beloved dogs age so quickly and cant stay with us forever.

  8. Cutest Santa ever! The sleepy santa shot has my heart! <3 Happy Holidays- bark bark!!

  9. a fun post; will that Santa suit last out till the 25th?

  10. I think you make a super Santa, Sweepy! The family portraits are precious.
    I love the Christmas decorations Lui has photographed in her blog!

  11. Sweepy, you never look grumpy to be.
    You have the sweetest face, and I think you make a perfect Santa with a beard or without.

    Thank you for being here at The Creative Exchange, and for always making my heart happy!

    lisa. xo.

  12. Sandhya did some wonderful art for you! This is a sweet collection of photos, and my favorite is Nostalgia.


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