Santa Dog is Coming!

. . . so ya better watchit!

And what's this?
Senior Santas!
The senior citizens are out caroling
and that includes my Keepers Luchie and Loyd!
They braved rainy weather
and donned their Santa hats
so they can bring cheers
and out-of-tune blues!

Oh ya better watch out
ya better not cry!
. . . ya better not laugh either
or ya gonna get it
just cover yer ears
and hand them the bills
and all is woofy well . . .
lalalala la la . . .

So without further a-woof
I'm off to vavawoof hunt . . .

Less is More

And here's More of More:
More of Me!

Holiday Lights
Our old recycled lights
finally up and about!

My drooly cards sent by mail.
I am also sending most of it by eMail
because the cost more than doubled this year
and the Post Office refused to deliver any cards
sent to dogs especially named "Sweepy & Sumo"
so if by chance the cards you sent us
were sent back to you
blame the grumpy PostWoman!

Cup of Cheer

I already prepared my gifts for special people:
the Postman Nany who remember and vouch for us and delivered some of our mails to us promptly, the Seniors in my community, the homeless and hungry animals roaming our street, the newspaper guy, the guys who collects our trash, the bill collectors, the cleaning lady, Petrocelli the pusakal (stray cat) and our neighbor dog Dawgy!
. . . etceterah etc.

And this is the real meaning of Christmas for us.
To prepare a home for a homeless King!
. . . so we can celebrate the birthday of Christ the King
surrounded by woofy animals, angels
and some humans as extras ;-)

And as I sit and wait . . .
. . . the waiting chair sits with me!

. . . as I watch my cards kept growing!
Each year I display all the cards sent to me and my Popsy
so the hoomans can enjoy all the creative gifts you sent to us
and made us all drooly happy and nice!

And all my solo SantaDog cards
that you saw from start to finish . . .
I woofily dedicate to Lisa and her creative world:

. . . I see you when you're drooling
I see you when you're snoring
I know if you been bad and good
but ya all get my drooly card
so ya better watchit!


  1. Great pictures! Sorry you are having problems with the mail! Darn post office!

  2. Fun pictures!

    I love how people still go caroling. :)

  3. I hope you can hear me applauding all the way from over here. I love this post and I love all your cards, and your pictures. Woof! Woof!

  4. Love that holiday light picture!

  5. Hi Sweepy,
    You can come to my house anytime and I have a supply of dog biscuits. Of course, you will have to get past my 3 dogs first. LOL

    Merry Christmas! May all your doggy dreams come true!


  6. Wow...these were all great!

    Hope you're having a blessed Sunday♥

  7. Great work Sweepy - nice of you to include some other pictures this week.

  8. Such beautiful nativities! I love your Holiday lights, too, and Christmas caroling...how fun!

  9. Love the holiday lights!
    Thanks for visiting Sweepy - you Santa hat looks good on you.

  10. A wonderful post. Such fun shots, love them all.

  11. Sweepy, you forgot to eMail your cards! Hahahohoho!

  12. Love the pictures. Your furry fiends are so cute. Please give your furry kids a hug from me.:)

  13. A wonderful post for the season! My dog refuses to wear any holiday headgear.

  14. Sweepy, I have never seen you looking more handsome than in the first photograph here. It is simply one of the most precius photographs I've ever seen, and I thank you SO MUCH for sharing at The Creative Exchange this week!!

    lisa. xo

  15. You look good in your Santa hat, Sweepy!

  16. Merry Christmas Sweepy!
    You are a very clever canine!


  17. Sweepy and Sumo! We L-O-V-E your holiday spirit! You look so cute in your hats. And the oldies singing for people is soooo nice. We too will not forget the reason for the season!! Mommy told us that Jesus loves us so much and that without Him,she would be nothing. So, we wish you a blessed and beautiful CHRISTmas.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog & Hootie
    ps-We sent your card out last Monday!XO

  18. Seeing these precious pictures of your babe make me smile on the one hand and almost cry on the other. I had a call from my daughter day before last and her Snappy, a 10 year old schnauzer has been given 3 days to 3 weeks to live. He is consumed with cancer. There was no warning. She would always send us photos of him in his Santa hat similar to the ones you have taken. We are going up to see her and the family on Christmas and her brother and his family are coming the day after Christmas. We are all so worried. I do love your post and it does give me the warm fuzzies. I just feel so sad for her and her hubby and 3 boys.....and poor sister Daisey...the HUGE golden shepherd who has been his little ( that is definitely an understatement) sister companion. genie

  19. Lovely pictures! I hope you have had a cheerful and peaceful Christmas time and are still having! ^^)

    Scratchy kisses from Pusa ^^) and hugs from Viola :)


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