A Drooly Sad Time . . .

I am not going to wear my Santa hat this week
in respect to the sad events
that affected some furry friends
and the devastation in my island . . .

My furry friends the Pittie Pack from the USA
lost their home in a fire
and with it some of their dogs.
Keeper was distraught
since her friend lost their dogs in Alabang
also in a fire just this summer. . . .

And this weekend a storm hit the southern part of my island
and killed people and animals in a flash flood!
Our country has always been hit by storms
but lately, the damage has been severe
and Keeper kept praying for us. . .
Keeper said that we must always be prepared
because our planet is old and sick . . .

And Keeper read the sad news to me
of the sad rescue of pitbulls in Cavite
that were used for dogfighting by foreigners.

When I hear sad news like these
I run to Keeper in alarm!

. . . and I am comforted.

Tragedies happen for a reason
and we must always hang on to each other
so we can understand why things happen
and know that there is somebody
always willing to help and comfort us . . .

And Keeper will again tell me stories of survival,
of people and animals hanging on
even in the most trying of times . . .

If you know anybody in pain
or sick, or lonely, or afraid
please offer your hand
and give comfort NOW!

And this, Lisa, is my gift to the senior citizens party this week.
I am sure I am the only dog who contributed a gift for them!

And here are my contribution for:

His name is Wormsy and he is a millipede.
He is harmless and takes care of the soil.

This is his Journal, Ashley:

And this is Wormsy's destination:
. . . he loves to cuddle with my Popsy.

My window to the world is our gate.
My house has curtains because I don't want anybody peeking while I sleep.

Keeper and my Popsy in happier times.
Keeper said it is Ok to be sad
but it is more Ok if we extend our hands and paws
and offer them to those who needs it.

We are doing that now.
As I'm sure most of you are doing it also
because all of the cards you sent us
has made this holiday season
special, warm and loved.
Thank you everybody and everfurries!
I will mention and show all of your cards someday.
I also hope you got our holiday cards as well.

Stay warm
stay safe
and no matter how far you are
you are always in our thoughts
and we are just a holler away!

I love you all drooly. . .


  1. A lovely, touching post, our thoughts are with all those in distress.

    I love that shot of you sleeping, but my favourite is Wormsy's Journal - priceless!

  2. So sorry to hear about all the tragedies...enjoyed seeing all of your pics

  3. So sorry to hear about those tragedies, your dog makes a great focus for the hunt!

  4. I'm sorry you received many bad news this week. I see that you run to your keeper for comfort.

    I like your Rudolph caption very much and it shall be posted tomorrow. Cheer up and continue your good job of cheering others too.

  5. Good post. We are very sad too and appreciate the smile your pictures bring to us.

    love & wags,

  6. Goodness Sweepy - so much tragedy, but I'm glad you still made the hunt. Have a great Christmas.

  7. I know, there has been such terrible news lately. I loe your pictures and that millipede is spooky! We don't really like buggies! Hope you have a good week!

  8. I like to share my feelings with my dog. She always calms me down whenever I am stressed up.
    Merry Christmas!

  9. Very creative work. Yes your country has had a very bad storm. Hope you are both ok.

  10. You woofsy forgot Amy's CSS!

  11. Stay warm and save too. Love your images.

  12. Oh Sweepy, we can see the sadness you are feeling. There are so many calamities worldwide. Over here we are experiencing sudden storms and flashfloods.

  13. Indeed a very sad time Sweepy, and this is a beautiful post.
    I am sending prayers.

    Thank you for sharing with us this week at The Creative Exchange.

    lisa. xo

    P.S. When I heard about the typhoon, you and Keeper were the first I thought of. I am so glad you are okay.

  14. You have a beautiful heart, Sweepy!
    My thoughts and prayers are with all those people and animals who are suffering.

  15. Hewwo! The world is a better place because of superdog like you, Sweepy! And your people too!

  16. Oh no... I'm so sorry Sweepy, to hear this loss of your friends! The nature is powerful and storms like you had can be dangerous! I'm glad you have one like Keeper close to you! Take care Sweepy! And tell Lui and the other to take care,too!
    Beautiful pictures of you and Lui and your Popsy! ^^)

    Drooly fond of you! ^^)

  17. I love your blog! Happy New Year. I hope yours is full of joy, peace, love and creativity!


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