My Long And Winding Prose . . .

I know I do loooooong posts.
I know I bark a lot.
I know you know that you don't know why.
I know you are confused.
But listen drooly.
I only post once a week.
That's all there is to it.

Now, moving on . . .

My gorgeous hooman friend Ashley
barks her five challenges for me:

That's a chocolate flavored crackers filled with peanut butter jam. That's not mine. And neither will it ever go to my Popsy Sumo's drooling mouth. That is Keeper's snack break in between back-breaking wash day. She washes all of Heaven once a week even if they have a weekly washlady. . . But going back to Chocolates. We can not have anything with chocolates because they contain 'theobromine' which is lethal to animals like me!

I play with numbers, folks. I chew them to bits and toss them around like confettis. I do this in between doing calculus and algorith-drooly-something that calculates the space and time between now and forever. Of course when I do numbers, there is only one way that leads to 1:
The Alpha Dog. My Drooly Father. My Popsy. The Black Beast. In the hierarchy and scheme of things down our house Heaven, I come in 2nd. But who wants to rule a drooly place anyway?

Canned Food:
Our local ice cream called sorbetes (canned nom-nom) delivered right at our doorstep by our friendly sorbetero Manong Something who uses coconut milk and fresh fruits to create his delectable and affordable ice cream! I love this to bits! Can you hear canned doggy laughter, Ashley?
We do not really eat canned foods because it is cheaper and more nutritious to buy fresh. Of course it is healthier to eat raw too. Animals are better off eating raw meat and bones but the humans said it cost them a lot. You see, I can eat a whole fresh chicken in one sitting but economical (for the humans) if they cook it and serve it in flakes without bones and with rice or potatoes or hard-boiled eggs. I don't care how they do it as long as they do it on time. Woof!

What's on my playlist? The sounds of buzzing bees, humming trees, drizzles, somebody munching something, my hoomans talking, etc. These are my favorite sounds because they are music to my drooly ears. I pair them with two human hands massaging my tummy and legs. On other days, I like rock, blues, and mellow. I love the sound of hurling rocks, my blue pillows being fluffed and the unrolling of my mellow yellow towel for my weekly bath. And oh, I love Baby Mozart too.

I take my pillows out of my house to a favored spot (usually under the red rocking chair) and I stack them up and rest my merry nose on top! That adds up to a merrily merrily zzzzzzz!

And now for this drooly week
PaperMama wanted
What else? My drooly faded antique (looks like hundred years OLD) blue pillows! Perfect to snooze in after a warm bath and when these had just been aired under the sun and changed with new washed drooly pillowcases. I guarantee a good nap with these.

Smiling Sally
And for SmilingSally's Blue Monday:
My drooly blue bone toy!

And Allie of Happy Monday
now barks out
What else but my drool kerchief perfect to cover my drooly face during a nap.

And don't ever believe that all I do is take a nap
because artistically Amy
wanted me to wipe out colors for her
Color Splash Sunday:
My heart-shaped yellow bowl and Popsy's blue heart bowl!
Blue, yellow, hearty, splashy thingy all week!

And for WeekendReflections
and TheCreativeExchange:
. . . the end of the yellow twirl is my drooly paw . . .
I really don't know what profound meaning there is to it
but given the propensity of humans to ascribe meanings
I leave it to them.

And Keeper just told us:
Today is
National Love Your Pet day!
Hey I said hug and kisses, Keeper!
And I drooly think it really means
buy your pets a gallon of ice cream . . . EACH.

And since we have a lot of critters
in our small house called Heaven
I need to see Keeper hug and kiss
Mr&MsFly, Troy the lizard, MrFrogsky,
MrLeach, MrBirdsky, MsCrickett, MsHigad,
MsButterpie, Wormsy, Dragonpie and Spiderpie
and whatever and whoever.

And as for the rest of you
hug and kiss your furries
all day and all night
of all your drooly life!


  1. Hi, Sweepy!
    Pawesome post!
    And that ice cream sure is delicious!
    My mom says that maaaaany years ago, when she was a little girl, a person who sold ice cream used to come by the stree where she lived and she enjoyed a very yummy ice cream! Oh... those memories!
    Your bowls are pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Love your stack photo! Really cute!

  3. Hi my dearest Sweepy!
    Just drop by to tell you that you are wanted at Macy's bday next week. RSVP.

    And oh, you have to bring a gift. Macy wanted a pawtrait. ;-)

  4. You always make me laugh - love your numbers and stacked shots!

  5. Oh your stack shot mad me melt. So sweet!

  6. Wanting to come back in my next life as one of your human's dogs! Love the alpha number shot. I used to have 2 dogs-I totally get the alpha thing. If you ain't number 1, you're just happy to have a number.
    Thanks for the smiles.

  7. Oh my goodness.. I just love these shots.. They just made me laugh.. Thanks..

  8. Great shots! I love the dog with the numbers!! ;)

  9. Perhaps because you're a dog, you forgot to link in for Blue Monday. Please come back and link in so that others can meet you!


  10. I love how you incorporate your dogs into the shots!!!

  11. You are always so creative! Thanks for linking up to Happy Monday! :)

  12. What a fun read. I so enjoy your posts. Have a wonderful day.

  13. What fantastic shots, and such an informative post!

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful rest of the day.


  14. Very nicely done! That's a lot of challenges Sweepy! It's amazing you tackle them all in one post. :-)

  15. Cute dogie...

    Your newest follower,

  16. Thanks so much for visiting June Makes Six, your comment made me smile and your blog does too!

  17. Your second Numbers photo is really cute! And I love the selective coloring on the heart shaped bowls. :)


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