Woofy February

Ahhhh, the last day of the short month.
The short month where everything
and everybody and everydoggy
seems to be celebrating
something or the other.

First, we have EDSA people power 25th anniv.
PNoy's bday
(that's our nickname for our drooly President!)
(that's the love saint who was killed
and which the hoomans equate with love)

February is also Keeper's late Papa's birthday,
Keeper's late grandmother Lola Fina's death anniv,
(Keeper celebrates life and death in Heaven!)
her late Uncle Sario's bday
(BarkNotey: UncleSario gave Sumo as a gift to Keeper
and since I am a product of Sumo+Pica valentimes,
that makes me a gift from UncleS too
and possibly, a gift from God, no less!)

. . . and for the living . . .
February is also
Keeper's brother Jojo's birthday,
one of my hooman gurlfriends Stef's bday,

. . . and lastly,
Keeper's bday.
Today, she turns 665.
This is her nth lifetime
and she said she will stop counting next year.

moving on . . .

I am doing Ashley's SHS.

And here are my drooly shots:

Capture The Sky
I look up the sky and all I see are drooly clouds.
Now when sky looks down at us
all it sees are drooly dogs as well:
Now that is called Capturing The Sumo
That's my bonus shot especially for Ashley.

And here's The Sumo. My black father. My playmate, my friend, my enemy, my ear cleaner, my sleeping-on-the-job watcher, my favorite dinner date, my snoring speaker, my-oh-my. My drooly day is not complete without him. But only next to Keeper. NEXT!


My furry face.

My furry paw.

My furry tum-tum.

My furry elbow.

My furry tail.

My furry self.
Now that's enough fury of furries to last you for a week!

My life is like a wonderful still life.
Until a black thing comes along
and destroy my composition!

"Hey, can't somedoggy take a shot without anydoggy getting into the frame!"

I'm hyperventiwoofing again!
And I just did Doga all mornin'!
What a waste!
Now where was I?

Now that's Keeper sleeping.
I really should not disturb her
but I can't sleep unless I know
if that sleeping something is giving a treat
so I can sleep as soundly
and less blurry. . .

Now here is my slash em dead
er, what's that again, Amy?
This is called Color Splash Sweepy On A Sunday
for Amy's CSS.

And for Allie's Happy Monday
Allie wanted 'children'
and I can't possibly include all my kiddy fans
but here is one of them.
His name is Leo:
He is deaf. He comes to Heaven for cookies after looking for me and sticking out his tongue at me. Keeper gives him hot soup with biscuits. Sometimes milk with biscuits. And when Keeper gets lazy, she takes Leo to the convenience store called "sari-sari store" (it means "all sorts of stuff") that is located every 3 houses down our street called Rainbow and asks Leo to choose what he wants to eat. And Leo always choose the junk foods that are guaranteed to knock all his teeth off and possibly give him diabetes for life. We really should adopt Leo except that I am not sure I want to share my house with him. Kids can be cranky.

And here is my
Whatever shot.
. . . when the world spins lazily
and my droopy eyelids closes

in sync with the falling sun at dusk
and the waning moon at night time
i surrender to the call of the wild . . .

That is my purrfect musing and shot
for Lisa at TheCreativeExchange.
That was taken with my heart, my tail, and my fangs.
It is heart-rending, heart-stopping, heart-me-for-life shot.
In short, I got drooly heartfelt drowsy from all the challenges.
Heartfully yours, Lisa!

Now I'm ready for somebody's bday blowout.
Now where is that Keeper?!!


  1. Love your life photo!!! So funny!

    Thank you for stopping by on my blog and commenting... btw I don't grow toilet paper... too bad it doesn't work like that... but at least I can reuse some of it :-) would be taugh to reuse all of it.... lol
    have a great rest of the Sunday!

  2. Ha ha - nicely done. I really like your sky shot.

  3. You Sumo from the ground shot was cute, it made me LOL nice job!

  4. Your whole post made me giggle today! :)

  5. Oh, this is so precious! He truly does look so lost in thought! Love those wonderful paw shots too!

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at the Creative Exchange.

    I wish you a wonderful evening.


  6. Such an amusing, but heartfelt narrative! Wonderful doggy photos too. Love the "Whatever" shot!

  7. Very creative, Sweepy! Thanks for linking up to Happy Monday! :)

  8. So cute and entertaining post...I enjoy reading it and your furry self is so cute...lol...Looking forward for more update post here...^_^

    dog pens

  9. Love that first furry shot, the first life shot and your Creative Exchange shot....well and all the shots really.

  10. Sweepy!
    February sure was full of celebrations in Heaven!
    Happy Birthday, Keeper!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Oh how many lovely pictures of you and Sumo! :) I think you are two kindlooking dogs! I would like to sit in that chair, next to your chair.. ^^
    *miau* from Pusa

  12. And Happy Birthday Keeper with kisses from Pusa and my Keeper!! ^^ :)


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