My Drooly Week Update

How is everybody and everyfurry?
I am redoing my pawtrait last time
because some elephant and cats were complaining
that they were not included.
So dontcha worry, furries.
I am working on it.
Takes some time though . . .

I am starting my challenges this week
with Allie's Happy Monday who is looking for:
Yeah. Well. MrWormsy is not exactly My Pet.
But he loves to follow me around, Allie.

MrWormsy is actually A Pest.
But don't tell Keeper that.
There is a pesky rule around Heaven:
No drooly bullying or violent affections.
I don't bully as long as there are no
clingy, kissy, tickly, affectionate wormsy.
I rest my case.

My real favorite Pet is actually:
My black Popsy.
His black out-of-tune paws are purrfect for
Lisa's chaos and her MACRO MONDAY!

You see, compared to mine:
Popsy's look wild and beastly.

And since it is GroomTime:
Yikey! Popsy growls like a vampire.
Yep, exactly like those anemic creatures on TV.
And Popsy's fang brush is purrfect
for Sally's Blue Monday!

But when Popsy's done grooming:
Popsy looks purrfect for some date outside of Heaven.
Perfect for our weekend events:
dog run @MOA and dog chat @ATC!
I should share this with before and after shots
but I don't think they will appreciate the humor.
De doggy humor. Hoo-ha!

Our busy schedule this week sounds perfect!
But nope. We did not go ANYWHERE!
Keeper is so out-of-tune
we did not do anything
but wait for Earth Hour!

And when Earth Hour came,
Keeper was nowhere in the dark!
TheOtherKeeper Luchie kept us company
beyond 60 plus minutes.
We were all groomed out
and all we did was
watch our dark house
for two hours last Saturday!
The mosquitoes feasted on my butt!

Now back to my challenges . . .

For Ashley's

Heaven's garden is slowly dying.
From extreme windy one minute,
super drooly hot next minute,
super boring the next second, and drooly dogs.
Hey, wait a minute! That could be ME.
Methinks the garden complains too much.

Groups of 3
My latest shots for my FB.
I am drooly thinking of doing one in sepia,
one in black&white, or even in abstract hue.
Whaddyathink, Ashley?

Behind me is the door that leads to salvation: de drooly Kitchen.
I am not allowed to go there. Beats me why.
I really don't care what's inside.
I only wait for what comes out.

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm . . .
Actually, it is more like 'woof, woof, woofy massage hour!'

ME Time
And this is what happens after a massage.
Somebody brushes away all dead furs
and you get cross-eyed dizzy
and before you can count to 3
you are off to slumberland.

And this is my SOOC and ShadowSunday shot:
I hope Jan and Harriet likes it.
This is my superwatchitwhatnot this week.
I wanted to do a macro flower and color splash
but Maia and Amy are both taking a break!

And this is for my favorite other Lisa
who owns Kitty and owns happiness
in her TheCreativeExchange:
. . . happiness is having a cat named Kitty.

And for my good friend Viola:
"Joy is hugging a cat named Pusa"

And for all of you . . .
a drooly hug a day
makes a human
happy and gay.

. . . what a drooly week . . .


  1. As always, these are wonderful Sweepy. I love your first portrait!

  2. I love your scavenger hunt... Maybe you can come over to our house and give Bowie Dog some reassurring barks about being brushed. All he wants to do is eat the brush and not enjoy the massage on his coat. Your group of 3 is also great. 3 great poses.
    Have a good one!!

  3. Oh Sweepy...you are lookin' fine in these shots. Love that group of 3 and your "me" time. Looks fab. Tula Dot and Princess P say woof and mew to you and Popsy.

  4. Lovely photos! Thanks for linking up! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your blue toothbrush. Happy Blue Monday.

  6. :-) :-)
    Just wonderful Sweepy!

    Thank you so much for sharing at The Creative Exchange today!

    Have a great evening!


  7. Ahhhh.....such a cute post. Love those photo's. Adorable. Happy Blue Monday!

  8. Oh, so that's what you were doing all week!

  9. And they tell me I over react with my pets....Your awesome!
    Happy Blue Monday!

  10. Your post is always great fun Sweepy! And so many wonderful photos!

  11. He's adorable. Happy Macro Monday!

  12. Such a sweet dog tribute. HBM!

  13. I have to agree with the very first comment. I love that picture!

  14. I love your Popsy pet too. The paw is much smaller than yours. I sure hope Keeper takes you out in the world this week. :0)

  15. Such wonderful pictures you have here in your post! I hope you are doing fine, no doubt- when I'm looking to your pictures..! ^^)
    It's god to get some treatment and massage.. I do njoy to be scratced on my stomach!! ^^)

    Have a nice time!
    Kisses from Pusa ^^

    Regardings from Viola, too! :)


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