April Is Not A Fool

. . . and neither am I.
I may look like one
but don't be fooled!
April is a month.
And I am a dog.
Only hoomans are fools.
I rest my case.

And so you have it.
My StraightOutOfCamera fool shot above.
Perfect for Jan's SOOC.
Happy April, fools!

There is a macro version of it
but I don't want to scare some orangutans
especially the ones bearing grudges
on a Superdog on a fool's day.
Not on yer drooly tail!

And so,
my loverly friends
and miserly enemies,
here are my other barky shots
for ma favorite hoomans . . .

Ashley always wanted 5 shots
for her ScavengerHuntSunday.
While I always wanted change.
Which means I ain't doing 5 this week.
Well, it depends . . .
on my drooly mood.

Okay, to start . . .

My drooly one room studio house.
I wanted something bigger
but Keeper said that anything bigger than this
I must clean and wash by my drooly self!
Ya gotta be kidding, Keeper!

Do you see my Popsy having his drooly nap at the next house?
And what about these other doodads occupying my room?
I really need a bigger room!

These are my fastfood wannabe delivery toys.
They are so small you can chew them all at the same time
and give Keeper a heart attack everytime you do.
Or you can hide them in your tail
until the real fastfood delivery comes in.

My bone toy.
The perfect stuff to play catch.
And when Keeper throws one of my doodads . . .

That's me going at 10 horsepower!
Or make that 100 dog drooly power.
Step back if you don't want to get trampled
by a raging superdog on a run!
Watch it!

Or better yet, make that off-key.

And here's for Lisa of MacroMonday:
My other tiny toy something.
Perfect for trampling, Lisa!
Now you know why my claws look out-of-tune!

And for Allie of HappyMonday
whose theme this week is Friends.
Well, aside from my hundred furry and hooman fwends
which I can't show due to lack of space and time
(I am still redoing my pawty pawtrait
which I hope to finish by 2012)
My other favorite fwends are
those that I can chew and bite to pieces:
And that means my long line of chewables!
The trick about them: you do not swallow anybody
not unless you want to have indigestion for life!

And here's something for Lisa
of TheCreativeExchange:
What comes up and down on yer nose?
What comes in color and squeaks like mad?

What drives you mad and makes you look like a fool?

Woof, what else but my doodads!
Oh I love them to bits!

And here's my Woofless Wednesday:
Well, almost woofless
since Keeper went screaming mad
thinking I got stuck under my house!
I am in hiding, hotspot, dry elbows
and out-of-tune furs and tails as well.

And in case you're wondering
here's the whole me
for Amy of ColorSplashSunday:
Oh, I'm glad you're back, Amy!
Listen, Amy is doing photohunts for April.
Check it out at her site!
And now I'm doing her A to Z game:

Sweepy's A to Z
Age: 9
Bed Size: Small
Chore you dislike: Waiting for Keeper
Dogs: That must be my Popsy Sumo
Essential start to your day: Doga
Favorite color: Gold
Gold or silver: Gold
Height: 2 feet
Instruments you play: Flute
Job title: Superdog
Kids: I can't have kids only puppies.
I have none at the moment.
Live: Heaven down in Rainbow Street
Mom's name: Pica
Nicknames: Little One, Fifi
Overnight hospital stays: Executive checkdawg
Pet peeves: People who hate animals
Quote from a movie: I eat people
(Woof, I'm sure Kingkong said that!)
Righty or Lefty: Nonesy
Siblings: Bogart and 28 others in furever homes
Time you wake up: when Keeper gets up
Underwear: I don't wear one
Vegetables you don't like: onions because they are poisonous to dogs!
What makes you run late: I am always late.
Xrays you had: None
Yummy food you make: I don't make food
Zoo animal favorites: Animals must be in homes or in the wild!

And here are some UpDates on Furries:

The dog Patrick, who was starved to death and tossed down the garbage chute by his owner in New Jersey, is now in recovery and has gained weight! His owner was charged with animal cruelty to a fourth degree criminal charge that carries a jail sentence and $3,000 fine.

The puppy Alice was rescued after she dumped by her breeder for being deaf is now taught sign language by a deaf couple who adopted her!

The rescue of Kodo from maltreatment
and 120 dogs in a puppy mill in Tennessee
gave this Superdog something to smile about.

Even when I still see stray, hungry dogs in the streets
and abusive owners getting a dressing down by Keeper.
This Superdog's job is never done . . .

Have a safe week, furries and hoomans!


  1. Bark, bark.. or rather: scratch, scratch.. It's me Pusa scratching.. just to say hello again! ^^)
    What a post you have made!! WoW!!
    Such a lovely bedroom you have!! Your keeper must be a great human beeing, a super friend, a super Keeper- that's for sure!! ^^o
    And so many toys you have! Don't you have a mouse toy? I have some of them.. But you dogs probably don't run after mouses, by second thought.. ^-)

    So sad to hear about the abuse!! Some people are really absent of IQ!!!! Bad! But I'm so glad the dogs are recovering, nothing better than that- says Viola, too! ^^) :)

    Scratch & miau & peace & love
    Pusa and Viola! :)

  2. Great job Sweepy - love your off in the distance shot.

  3. Have a great week too, Sweepy!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Very neat! Love them all! :0)

  5. lol that's cute very playful dog..

    Here’s My Macro Monday: Multicolor Push Pins

  6. Great pictures! Sweepy is one cute dog. Hopping here from Color Splash Sunday.

  7. Fun posting... Love the closeup of the paw...

  8. 'specially love the "stripes" photo!! But all are excellent...as is 'his writing'.

    First of the Amaryllis Blooming

  9. Ha, ha, ha, ha, great post, fun photos. Love the self-portrait.

  10. You're such a talented pooch! Coming over from Color Splash Sunday. Fun shots!

  11. Love your selective coloring this week! The angle and the composition make a great combination.


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