Summertime Sweepy!

I'm quite late with my
once a week barkings
so I am going to start
my photo challenges
right away!

Lookit! I'm all set for summer, Ashley!
Hot spot, pimples and drooly cavities!

Well, it is summer all year round in my island
but when school goes on a break
that is what they call summer break.
You break a leg, you break your bank account,
you break your whatever
and break into barkings!

Now this is my loot bag.
It is a wannabe something.
It does not have anything in it.
It is waiting for something.
It is waiting for something to click.
Now when you open it . . .

. . . it expands to fit my whole self inside!
Perfect for a summer get-away!
That way, Keeper can stash me in as a handcarry
so I won't get stash in the airplane's tail!
That saves airfare.
That saves airseat.
That saves yucky airplane food.
And that's OK because this bag is so huge
I can stash my mini ref inside!
It does not give miles point though.

And in case you did not notice
my drooly bag has some BLUE in it
purrfect for Smiling Sally's:
Smiling Sally

And there goes the Superdog and his Popsy
as we walk the red carpet, er, the dusty ramp!
Fashionably woofy.
Fashionably perfect for ShadowShotSunday!
Not bad for senior dogs eh, Harriet?

And that's my Popsy's perspective
when he sees me walking down Heaven.
Although, he sometimes see blurry images and barks at me.
Popsy barked to tell me that it is raining
and the laundrywoman is washing
and we should not get in the way.
And I go . . .
Now that's another 'Motion' shot, Ashley!

Now here's for Lisa's
My summer hat is perfect for cover, Lisa.
I cover my drooly face
when the gurls come running!
Now when the girls ran past me
my inquisitive ears rises up in confusion
and pushes my drooly hat up as well!
. . . and reveal my drooly pimples!
Perfect for Jan's SOOC!

Nya nya nya.
Dogs get pimples too, Jan.
We also get acne, rashes,
and bad hair days.
Life ain't grand.

Now since Amy is so back at
here's my drooly color splashed out self:

And here's for Allie of

who wants APRIL SHOWERS:
I was having my sunbathing session, Allie,
when I felt sharp rainshowers on my nose!
Rains on a sunny afternoon
equals drooly weather.
I am so color-splashed-out!

And for Lisa of

Summertime is not always about fashion
and most especially not about being
fashionably late,
fashionably barky,
and fashionably drooly
on a rainy hot week.
Whatever it means . . .

And now to answer some queries:

No, Triccie, I don't do doggy tricks.
I do trick people and some critters (WOOF!)
but I don't "sit, fetch, shake hands, heel" on command.
I can drool on your face though.
So I'm afraid you can not borrow me
for your summer playschool's Show&Tell.
But here's my multiple ID shots
for you to print as your stickers:
This is also perfect for your riddle
where you try to find the real and right Sweepy!
The real me is somewhere in there, Triccie.

And now for my Contrite Pose:

. . . To my orangutan friends,
I am sorry for the delay
in my pawty pawtrait edit.
Don't worry 'cause I will try to finish it
before the eclipses in June.

I am sorry too to Peacock Phoenix
for not submitting my art journal.
I made several good deeds though.
(Does barking at the nosy neighbor count?)
I barked at them all the time and any day now
the village chief will have me arrested for being a nuisance!
And this is what you get for your good deeds!

I am Sorry, Julie, for not sending my poetry.

I am so sorree, Selby, for not being on chat.

I am also SORRY for all media appearance requests
since as I said earlier, I don't perform on command.
I don't speak human language either
but if you can expertly translate my drooly barkings
I guess I can spare a drooly live cam with my pimples.
I can text and type on touch screens though.
Although I can not guarantee the safety of your gadgets.

I have other loads of requests
that I am now hiring a Scheduler.
If you need a drooly job, go bark in my place.
I offer bacon dog treats, pawtraits,
shirts with my face on it.
and FBOL (forbarkingoutloud!)
I can include drooly dangling earrings
with my drooly dangling self!

So before I turn into a sorry state
let me wish you all
a summery week
filled with fresh sunshine
happy laughter
healthy meals
and lots of hugs. . .


  1. I had a ball looking at your blog!!!
    fun creations!!

  2. You've got a wonderful, cooperative model! And so sweet looking too. :)

  3. Sweepy you're so handsome. Great collection for today.

  4. Nice photos. Thanks for linking up!

  5. These are absolutely precious!
    I especially love the first one.
    Sweepy looks completely ready for summer!

    Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening.


  6. Oops, you forgot to link in to Blue Monday!

    Please come back.

  7. Love them! I love people who love their furry kids as much as I do...

  8. Sweepy, you are the most stylish dog I have ever seen!

  9. These are so great but that hat is absolutely splendid!

  10. Wonderful! I am amazed your subject is so cooperative!

  11. Haha, I love your In Fashion photo. Very stylin'!! And perfect for selective coloring, too.


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