After the Holy Week . . .

That's me alright.
The whole neighborhood was so quiet
that I can not stand and sit still.
It looked suspiciously too quiet.
You know the feeling before the storm
that ghost-like silence
then WHAM!


Keeper's notoriously LOUD voice
breaking the silence and the quiet of the hour.
There ought to be a law against noisy humans
on a quiet holy week.

And now I start my
ONCE-a-Week barkings
with Lisa's:
Lisa wanted photographs taken from the heart
and my adoring fans wanted
our most recent family portrait
and portraits are always heartwarming.
So here's our recent shot:
My Popsy Sumo, KeeperLui and moi
on a lazy weekend holy morning.

Keeper said holy week
is not just a one week affair.
Popsy thinks that all weeks are holy.
As for me, my Superdog guidebook
does not give proper advise
when the week gets holy, wacky, and hot.
What I know and believe in
when we are together all week
the world is drooly fine.

And now moving on to Ashley's
And here are the challenges:


My Superdog eyes reflect an intruder running around Rainbow Avenue. In between, I see the neighbors loading their cars with belongings for a weekend trip and another neighbor watching me with disapproving eyes. Woof, so much for reflection.

Guess what this is?

My drooly ears after my Popsy cleaned it.

What's Inside

Have you ever wondered what's inside the sleeping beast?

There! My Popsy's fangs
filled with cavities and tartar!
Now that's what you get when you peer too close.


Lawn & Garden

All this space and no one to play with . . .

And here's our backyard
for Harriet's SHADOW SUNDAY
and Jan's SOOC:
All of the leaves are drying and falling
amidst the hoomans 'undies' washing day.

And for Allie's

and her challenge: Siblings
Although I grew up with all of my 20+ siblings, they found their furever homes after. And the only one who stayed with me was my older big black brother Bogart who left suddenly last year.

And apart from happy and boring memories
Bogart left me with quirky stuff like this:
I don't know what it is.
It is too small for any of us
and yet for some reason
you tend to keep nonsensical items
owned by somedoggy you love
which is perfect for Amy's CSS:
Hey, Amy, I am perfecting my doggy march.
Just so you know (wink!)

And here's my MACRO view
especially for Lisa of:
and for all my adoring fans
who wanted a MACRO shot
of my drooly pimples:

And for SelfSagacity of:
here are my two Qs:

1. Why do dogs have pimples?
2. Why do humans think they are in love when they have zits?

And now I wait for my VET in real time.
Keeper said it completely escaped her
that we have not had any VET visit since last year
and she thought we might need something.

And I thought one goes to a doctor only when one is sick.
Have you seen your doctor lately?


  1. Hahahaha... I love the pictures! You're one awesome dog, Sweepee!

    Hopping here from Color Splash Sunday and Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

  2. Nice post! A lot of fun! Have yourself a great week ahead :)

  3. Love your photos of your dogs... they are so cute...

  4. Cute pics of Sweepy...love the last one!

  5. Hi Sweepy! Happy Easter to you and your family. All of your pictures were really great. I love the ones of you and Bogart and you and Popsie! The laundry shaddow picture is perfect! Hope all is well with you!


  6. What a gorgeous series of photos! And loved all the stories attached!Love the shadows between the leaves!

  7. Great shots - I really like your family portrait.

  8. Sweet photographs Lui!
    Love the three of you together!

    Than you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  9. That's a great family portrait, Sweepy! You are one special dog!

  10. I love, love, LOVE your selective coloring photo this week! Thanks for being such a loyal participant. :)


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