Sweepy's Back!

Ok I'm so back.
Drooly back.

Thank you for your pictures.
Well, only for those who eMailed me one.
I got dogs, cats, people, an orangutan, a fish, a chair,
a hat, a bone, some insects, and an elephant . . .
who accepted my invitation for my party pawtrait!
You all get my pawty portrait next week!

Now I have a jungle for my party.
Now how do I feed everybody?
How do you feed a multitude of party guests
when all I ordered were beef & lamb kibbles
some dog bacon and bone chewies for the teefies.
And I only got frozen to-die-for ice cream on a stick
loaded with vanilla-nuts-marshmallows-chocolates
for them humans.

And what do I serve a chair, I ask you?
And a hat?

My invitation is still open.
Send me your pictures (only before Thursday)
and you will be part of my
Sweepy's grand bday portrait!
Your pawty copy will be eMailed back to you!

Now moving on . . .

I start with Jan's
No I'm not dead.
That is my doga dead pose.
You hold your breath in
and stretch your furry self out
and remember to breath out again
and stretch
and . . .
zzzzzzzz . . .

Well, doga does that to me.

And now for Ashley's
are 5 themes:

1. Vanishing Point
The vanishing point here is my nose.
Just follow my red drooly line!

The vanishing point here is ME.

The vanishing point here is a Beast.
And you better watch it!

2. Welcome to the Jungle
Well, excuse me! I'm in the middle of something!
And when I'm done with something
here comes another something:
Popsy Sumo will cover anything and everything
that is drooly not HIS. That's how alpha dogs operate.

3. Square Crop Format
Now this format is perfect if your SOOC shot is "noisy"
like when there are kibitzers around you
and you CROP them out of the picture
for a perfect solo shot.
Perfect for my passport.

4. Calm
I am so calm I can stay like this for hours!
No, Lorenza, this is not a doga pose.
This is an exclusive Sweepy's Nap Time No Keeper pose.

5. Under
Guess what is UNDER my Popsy Sumo's
Big, Black, Body?
Keeper's trapped foot! Woof!
A guaranteed scenario for dead toenails
and possibly cramped blackened foot.
You can hear Keeper crying for help.
I can't do anything really.
Or maybe I can call 911?

Now for
Amy's Color Splash Sunday!
As you can see, Amy, she's OK.
I can't say the same for her foot though.

For Lisa's Macro Monday!
I'm drooly watching you
watching me . . .

For Smiling Sally's Blue Monday!
This is not my bowl, Sally. It belongs to my father.
But when he is done I go and lick the remaining stuff
and Popsy goes to my yellow bowl and does the same thing.

For Allie's Happy Monday
and today's theme is St. Patrick's
and the only Patrick I know is Keeper's Patrick.
And that Patrick is busy working in London.
But they said St. Patrick is a saint who loves animals
and since you said anything with green . . .
This is one of my Superdog task, Allie.
I look out for any crying plants
(this one is hurting from pests sticking in her stems!)
and any crying being in our house Heaven.
I inherited this task from the black hounds.
My Popsy Sumo, now 11 yo, sometimes overlook this
and I have to remind Keeper
to remove the pests from our crying plants!
Oh, St. Patrick, please keep all furries safe and warm!

This is my perfect
Shadow Sunday for Harriet!

For another Lisa and her
The Creative Exchange
We are all Keepers of our own world
and if we all keep and tend our own space well,

we help contribute to a well-kept world!

And for Dragonstar's Black and White Weekend:

And so I am turning 9 on the 18th
when the moon is waxing to full
and the world spins crazy.
On Tuesday the earth aligns with the sun
and Keeper kept giving us instructions
on what to do and where to go.
I am hovering between calm and clam!

On my birthday week
which starts Monday (today)
Keeper will be walking around
to feed and calm stray furries.
She does this every year.
And since I love giving on my bday
some of you might get a drooly gift.

And now I join Keeper as we continue to hold vigil
for the people in Japan, in the Middle East
(where Keeper has friends and family)
and we wish everyone a safe and calm week. . .

Remember what they say in fairytales:
"a pure heart will always win
and always ends happily ever after . . ."


  1. Oh Sweepy, you are so beautiful, so wonderful! And yur keeper, too! :) Many lovely pictures here!! ^^
    I've just sent you a mail.. :) Looking forward to your birthday!!

    from Pusa ^^

  2. Love "watching you watching me" and your shadow shot!!

    My Macro Link: Sand Dollars and Sea Drift Seeds

    Hope you can visit; have a glorious day!!

  3. Pretty!

    Please come and see my worthwhile bluesworthwhile blues, have a good day!

  4. Love that square crop Sweepy - you look so handsome!

  5. Nice to your dad to leave occasionally!

    Happy Blue Monday, Sweepy.

  6. What a great collection! Such a super model.

  7. What a boon companion Sweepy is. When dogs lay on their backs like that its called flying, I always thought that was a great description.

  8. These are such wonderful photographs, and I love the quote, "We are all keepers..." Good words to live by.
    Thank you so much for sharing at The Creative Exchange this week!
    Have a wonderful day!


  9. Sweepy, the picture of you and your pretty blue heart shaped bowl will certainly cheer up my little ailing feline.

    Thanks for stopping by my blue beach.

  10. Zip me an e-mail telling me where to send a pic for Sweepy's party ;-)

  11. I love your posts Sweepy! So many wonderful photos. I miss my Gracie who went to Dog Heaven in November. Say "Hi" to Sumo.

  12. Sweepy, some furries think you are having a party in our house! They wanted directions and I have to clarify that you wanted pictures only!

    You received several cards and pictures and I promised to work on it asap!

    Btw, you look weird, you know.

  13. adorable website!makes me smile...

  14. Love the square crop of your dog's face!

  15. Wow Sweepy! You're going to have a huge party! Happy Birthday!

  16. Het Supersatar Sweepy, Happy Birthweek. First time getting connected to a dog blog. Say 'hi' to keeper for me.

  17. You look like you have a *dog's life*...that is a great life! Love all the pictures.

  18. Hapibday, Sweepy!


  19. Thanks for linking up, sorry that I didn't get to post a proper link list.

    Your selective coloring photo for this week is one of my favorites that you've entered the past few weeks! Happy birthday, Sweepy!

  20. Happy Birthday dear Sweepy!!!! :)

    Here it's 4:21 pm.. afternoon.. and I guess it's soon midnight at your place!!

    I hope you've had a very happy day!!

    Love and kisses from

    Pusa ^^


    Viola :)

    We love you! ^^ :)

  21. Thank you for your visit Sweepy, and Happy Birthday Week! You are a very handsome dog!


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